Farewell to the School Year for 2014

We have just farewelled our Graduating Year 6 students.
What a wonderful journey it has been and what a fantastic group of leaders they have been.

It is also the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer holidays. I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and look forward to blogging again in the new Year. I have attached a copy of the letter that I gave to each of my students.

Dear Senior G,

Thank-you for all the fun that you have shared this year. It has been wonderful to work with each of you, see the friendships that have blossomed, the cooperation and teamwork from you all.
I hope that you have been inspired throughout the year as we have delved into many rich topics. You have discovered the importance of living in a Democracy, the functioning of each system to maintain a healthy body, how science impacts on our lives and the importance of understanding the earth’s structure and preparing for natural disaster. Amongst you are our future leaders, health workers, scientists and emergency service workers.
I hope that I have inspired within you, a love of learning and an understanding that we are all lifelong learners. Continue to work to the best of your ability and follow your dreams, because nothing is impossible.
Be leaders of Justice. Continue to be grateful every single day for all the blessings that you have. Give back to the community and support those less fortunate than yourselves.
Make the right choices. The choices that you make today will have an impact on your future so ensure they are positive and fruitful.
Happiness will only come from friendship. Be compassionate to everyone that you meet and you will be rewarded with kindness and great contentment. It is the love from of those around you that will give you strength, energy and peace.
May your life’s journey be filled with fantastic experiences that lead you around the world, meeting interesting people and helping you to become the most extraordinary person that you can be.
Take care and know that you will always hold a special place in my heart.

Love from Mrs Gridley 🙂


Christmas Gifts for Vinnies

Hannah and Fintan
For a Christmas Action at our school we thought that we wanted to help the less fortunate. We want them to have a Christmas as good as ours. We all brought in presents for children and placed them under the Christmas Tree. We invited Margaret, the leader of Vinnies in Blackburn South, to come over and we presented the gifts to her and her group.
Her group will come back tomorrow and collect the gifts to deliver them to families in our area. It makes us feel more grateful for what we have and good inside because we are doing a good deed for other people. It makes we want to help more people in need in the future also. Happy Christmas Everyone!


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from Australia!

Christmas in Australia
We all enjoy the warm summer evening before Christmas with Carols by Candlelight at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl. This is a real Melbourne Tradition. After sharing presents on Christmas morning we visit relatives for lunch and dinner where we eat prawns, seafood, roast pork and turkey, ham, salads or roast vegetables. For dessert we have pavlova, summer pudding with berries or a traditional fruit pudding with custard. We Love Christmas and hope that you are all filled with Joy, Love and Peace that Christmas brings.
We hope that you all enjoy a Happy Christmas with your family and friends and that the Spirit of Christmas is shared throughout the New Year.
From all your buddies in JuniorG

Skype with Highlawn Primary, UK Bolton

Yesterday we had a skyping session with Highlawn Primary. We had to stay back late at school, after our family Community Arts Project. It was 8:20pm here and 9:20am in the UK.
We learnt that at Christmas in the Uk
* They have special flowers like Holly, Mistletoe and Poinsettia
* It is really cold and they often get snow
* They eat some of the same foods that we eat
* They kiss their family and friends under the Mistletoe
* More people in their class have a real Christmas tree but in Australia most of us have fake trees
* They are on the other side of the world so while we are enjoying our summer they are very cold in Winter
* They only have 2 weeks holiday over Christmas but we have 6 weeks
* In the UK they have a different accent to us
* We would all like to experience a white christmas and they would love to have some prawns on the BBQ for their Christmas

We felt really happy to meet some new friends in the UK.