Farewell to the Class of 2015

What an incredible week of celebrations, graduation and farewells.

Today was our final school day for the year and there was a mixture of excitement and sadness. For me it was my last day in the classroom for a while as I head to a new school in a new role.

Senior G have been awesome and today we reflected on our year of learning, reviewing the experiences recorded on our blog.

Each year I write a letter to my class as I send them on their way so I will share it with you.

Thanks for the memories and good luck to you all!


Dear Sensational Senior G,

What a wonderful year we have shared. Thank-you for all the great learning and fun throughout this year. It has been terrific working with all of you, to see you grow into the strong, confident and independent students that you are.

I hope that you have been inspired throughout the year as we explored so many interesting concepts and answered so many rich questions. You have discovered the importance of understanding our world through science, the importance of living in a Socially Just World, how our family stories impact our own history and the history of Australia and the importance of Caring for our Common Home. You will all become the leaders of our world and it is up to you to use this new knowledge to make our world a better place for all.

Continue to do your best and follow your dreams, because nothing is impossible. I hope that I have inspired within you, a love of learning and an understanding that we are all lifelong learners.

Continue to be grateful every single day for all that you have. Remember to give back to the community and support those less fortunate than yourselves.

Every choice that you make has a consequence. Make the right choices. Today’s choices will have an impact on your future, so ensure they are positive and productive.

Be friendly and compassionate to everyone that you meet and you will be rewarded with kindness and happiness. Your strength, energy and love will come from those around you. May your future be filled with fantastic experiences that lead you to discover new places, meet interesting people and help you to become the most extraordinary person that you can be.

Good luck in the future and know that you will always hold a special place in my heart.

Love from Mrs Gridley 🙂

Class 2015 Senior G

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