Our Visit to Melbourne Zoo

As part of our Inquiry learning we visited the Melbourne Zoo to learn more about how we can help to protect the habitats of different animals.
We learnt about many different animals and the biomes that they live in. The zoo takes very good care of all the animals. They are breeding many different animals to ensure their survival into the future.
What a zooper time I had at the zoo. I enjoyed walking around and seeing the animals living in their specially designed habitats. The lesson with Tom was really helpful. I now have a greater understanding of Orangutans and their lifestyle. I also learnt that their habitats have been destroyed to plant more palm trees for palm oil. Many of the products that we use have palm oil in them. We all need to stop buying products that have palm oil in them and protect the habitats of the orangutan.
An unforgettable moment was holding an orangutans skull. We learnt about the damage that poachers are causing to many animals.
I discovered that CHIPP describes the different ways that animals will become extinct.
C stands for Climate change
H stands for Habitat loss
I stands for Introduced species
P stands for Pollution
P stands for Poaching
There are ways that we can all stop these. We can stop deforestation by not buying the products. We can all help to stop pollution by not littering and recycling more.
We need to raise awareness and help to reduce all of these dangers to animals.