Around the World

Our quad blogging buddies from Barrow Hill in the UK asked if we could make a movie about our wonderful city, Melbourne. So with a few videos from Spring Street in Melbourne, photos and quick comments from my class, we have put together a Welcome to Melbourne video.
Some highlights include the MCG, Melbourne Cricket Ground, where Australia played England to win the Ashes and where our local Aussie Rules Football is played.
Other highlights are our many beautiful parks, playgrounds and beaches. Melbourne is a sporting capital of the world and we all love playing and viewing many different sports. We hope that enjoy our movie!

Welcome to Melbourne from vgridley on Vimeo.

What a Wonderful World


Nature is both beautiful and powerful. Our wonderful world is full of vibrant colours, amazing creatures, stunning landscapes and lots of love. All the animals are so beautiful in their own way, as is everything in nature. It is as though all Flora and Fauna are the children of Mother Earth. They are all unique and exotic.

We are so lucky to have our blue skies, sunshine and our friends, but I truly love all the sea creatures and the animals in this world. I love the colourful rainbow and the trees with their green leaves. What a wonderful world!

“The colours of the rainbow so pretty in the sky”
Watching these beautiful images makes me feel relaxed. I am so lucky to live in this wonderful world. It makes me feel very happy and very grateful for all that I have.

I think a wonderful sight in our world is Mount Panorama. The tall mountains have a beautiful view. Once a year a famous car race is held there in Australia. Its lovely green grass runs all around the mountain side.

What do you think is wonderful about our world?

Starlab Incursion

Today the CSIRO came to our school and brought the Starlab. It was an amazing big black bubble which we all had to enter. Once inside we sat down and above us shone the stars from the Milky Way. They explained all about the planets, the stars, the sun and our galaxy.

-The Sun is called Sol. It is a Latin word.
-The sun has black spots which are the coldest parts.
-The sun is a star that rises in the East and sets in the West.
-The earth rotates around the sun.
-There are 8 planets in our Solar System.
-Pluto is no longer a planet as there are asteroids that are bigger than it.
-Pluto and the large asteroids are now called Dwarf Planets.
-A constellation is a group of stars.
-The constellations make 88 different pictures in our night sky.
-There are 12 Star signs in the constellations.
-The Southern Cross is a constellation of 5 stars that is near the 2 Pointer Stars.