Vinnies – Assist a Student


Earlier this year our Social Justice Team organised a dress-up day and cake stall, to raise money and awareness, for student education in poorer countries. Today at assembly we were joined by the Victorian President of Vinnies for the Assist a Student program. Paul McCarthy thanked all the families and students for raising enough money to sponsor 9 children in developing countries, to make it possible for them to be attend school. It was wonderful to hear about what a difference our hard work and generosity can make.



Assist a Student

Today we were excited to hand over a cheque for $580 to Margaret who is the President of the Vinnies association in Blackburn South. Our school will be able to sponsor 9 children to be educated for 12 months. The money will help to buy a uniform, school books and stationery. The Social Justice Leaders did a great job in organising Crazy Day which helped to raise awareness about the lack of educational opportunities for children in third world countries. We are certainly grateful for the privilege of learn at school in Australia.