Skype with Highlawn Primary, UK Bolton

Yesterday we had a skyping session with Highlawn Primary. We had to stay back late at school, after our family Community Arts Project. It was 8:20pm here and 9:20am in the UK.
We learnt that at Christmas in the Uk
* They have special flowers like Holly, Mistletoe and Poinsettia
* It is really cold and they often get snow
* They eat some of the same foods that we eat
* They kiss their family and friends under the Mistletoe
* More people in their class have a real Christmas tree but in Australia most of us have fake trees
* They are on the other side of the world so while we are enjoying our summer they are very cold in Winter
* They only have 2 weeks holiday over Christmas but we have 6 weeks
* In the UK they have a different accent to us
* We would all like to experience a white christmas and they would love to have some prawns on the BBQ for their Christmas

We felt really happy to meet some new friends in the UK.