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The Flying Dog
One splendid day, a dog was walking to school, as a happy feeling came his way.
He started flying, he couldn’t stop, until he heard a little ‘pop!’
He looked at a cat chasing a little rat.
The dog chased the cat with all his might. He was just too far off to take a bite.
He realised he was chasing the cat, who was chasing a rat,
who was chasing a mouse that was chasing a louse,
which was chasing the hair on a bear.
They ran up and down the garden path, until the dog ran to his house for a bath.
The next day, the dog set off for school, as a grumpy feeling came his way.
His feet started stomping, his hands started punching,
His teeth began grinding and chomping.
Then half way to school the happy feeling came his way.
He started to fly and ignored the long line in the carpark.
Then home from school he ran 600 laps
before starting to polish his baseball caps.
by Mairead

Thoughts of a flying frog
“Hello there, you’re getting smaller. No I’m getting taller. I knew this lilypad would fly one day. Up, up and away like Buzz Lightyear. Birds, hopefully I can say hello. Woah! I just flipped upside down. Don’t fly away birds. Oh well I am still flying. What is the time? I can’t read and it’s getting cold. Any clothes? Yeah, I am superman. Just kidding. I wanna’ watch television. I dont like this channel, or this one. Let’s leave.”
Early the next day…
“Yawn. Good morning. Let’s go flying again. I love it when the sun comes up as it always keeps me warm. I wonder how much longer I will be able to flyyyyy…..ooof!
I think that answered my question. I am falling to the ground. I can’t fly anymore. Let’s hope that I can fly again next Tuesday.
Wait…what’s that? Flying pigs! They have my power and my fame.”
by Carley

I was at home last Tuesday night and it was around 8:00pm when I strated getting hungry. I had made myself a peanut butter sandwich and had taken about five bites. I looked to my left and the funniest thing happened. At first I thought that I was hallucinating but then I looked again and saw big, shiny, green frogs flying outside my window. Each one was sitting on a round green lilypad. I thought that I must be crazy. I swear one of the frogs waved at me. I think I had too much peanut butter so I went upstairs to bed and hoped that I would feel better in the morning.
The day I woke up but I still had that funny feeling inside about what I had seen the night before. I decided to go to the police station to investigate.
Off I went in my robe and slippers. Once I arrived there I told a police officer my story and surprisingly there had been others reports as well. I was glad that I was not going crazy.
The police officers did not want to investigate further as they had bigger problems. I was really annoyed. Next Tuesday, I will go and investigate!
by Siobhon