Tree Planting Day

Today, the environment team helped National tree planting day by planting trees with Whitehorse city council. The purpose was to help the biodiversity of Simpsons Park and creating new habitats for bugs and animals –
We also learnt about understory which is little plants growing under a big tree – Gemma
It was a great idea because we got to participate in a community event along with other schools – Georgia
It was also good because we helped the Mitcham community and neighbours – James
The people who live near the park now have more plants to make their local park look fresh – Amelia & Steph
First we planted the plants and then we watered them. We did this by squeezing the tube, taking out the
seedlings and placing it in the pre-dug hole – Daniel
I enjoyed today, because we met new people from other schools and I learnt how to plant a tree properly –
Today was really enjoyable. It was great to learn about planting trees. I had fun co-operating with others –Maddy