Time Capsule

At the conclusion of our learning about Life in the Past we decided to create our own History by making a Time Capsule. We all wrote a letter to ourselves, drew our best picture and added special momentoes from the year. Each of us had our own bag to put in the things that represented our story in 2011. The bags were then locked in a Plastic Tub and a sign was added with a note, to open the capsule in 2015. We will all be in the senior school then. The 3 Junior Classes all gathered together and we placed the Time Capsules under the school building. It will be very interesting to see what changes in the next 4 years. We have helped to create History!

Playing Olden Day Games

Over the past couple of weeks we have been researching the different games that children played at school in the olden days.
We asked our parents, teachers and grandparents. We also researched on the internet.
We discovered that children around the world have many games that are the same, some are similar and some are different. Many of the games are still played today. We enjoyed trying new games like “Oranges and Lemons” ” Drop the hanky” and the Hand clapping rhymes. We hope that you learn something from our Voicethread and please add some comments.


We are beginning a new Inquiry Unit of work Titled “Time Travellers.”It will be about investigating Changes over time and valuing the things of the past.
Our BIG RICH question is “What was Life like for the people of the past?”

We will also investigate the following questions:

How has school changed?
Has anything stayed the same?
How can we find out about what it was like in the past?
What other things might have changed that we might like to find out about?
Why do things change?
Who lived in our community in the past?

If you can help us to discover the answers to some of our questions we would love to hear from you!