Term 3 Reflections

WOW I have learnt so much this term. I really liked the expo we had because it was really fun and I learnt so much about the people that we all researched about. I have also enjoyed doing the family history because I’ve gotten to know my family even more.
What has helped me learn this term?
Having Mrs. Gridley explain things easily  in maths has helped me a lot. I often get that feeling when you finally understand things. But I have also learnt from the people who have presented their PLT’s because I’ve learnt from my classmates.
What have I discovered about History?
I have learnt heaps about my family including that my Great Grandma and Grandpa both came to Australia as free settlers, in the pre-gold-rush days.
And they married at Wootong Victoria in 1857. I discovered that my Great Grandpa lived the life of a shepherd. I have learnt lot’s of fascinating facts!

By Georgia


My teacher has taught me a lot on maths and about my writing such as tenses. All students have taught me something from maths to literacy to inquiry which I think is great because we can share our knowledge.

What have I discovered about history?

I have discovered more about my family’s history and where they came from and I have learnt the types of fashion in the 1910’s and in the 1960’s. Overall this term has been great learning about our generations and the history of Australia.


What have I discovered about History?
I have learnt about events in History such as the Gold Rush and the First Fleet. Also learning about Famous Australians such as Victor Chang and Sir Don Bradman was great. Working on my Family History PLT is something that I have enjoyed the most because I have learnt so MUCH more about history and my family stories!


What have you discovered about History?

I discovered that History is not in one generation but in lots of generation. I learnt about the gold rush, entertainment in the 1960’s, famous Australians. I learnt about my family history I found out that my great great came from Spain.

By Carmen

Term 2 Adventures, Experiences and Learning

This term we have been immersed in many life changing experiences. The incredible learning and knowledge will impact on us for the rest of our lives.

Overall I have found this term to be really inspiring and exciting. It has been filled with enjoyable activities like the excursion to meet Paul Spence. We have done a huge variety of Art and a mixture of different sports. I enjoyed our Inquiry learning because it gave us the chance to explore the Poverty around the world and to appreciate what we have. Learning this has really changed my life because now I know how lucky we are and what we can do to help others across the world. Our small contributions and actions can make a big difference to others in need.


I have enjoyed meeting all the amazing people this term, like Paul Spence. It was a great experience to meet him and learn all about his life in Africa. He shared many inspiring photos and stories with us.


I learnt more about Confirmation this term. I enjoyed the ceremony especially when we all processed in with our candles. It made me feel closer to God and I am now a full member of the Church.


I liked doing the inquiry and learning about poverty. I now know that I can help others and do so much more to make a difference in other people’s lives.


I loved going on the Social Justice day to the Kidsview conference, because I liked learning about what other people do around the world to help and now I will try to follow in their footsteps and make the world more socially just.


I enjoyed giving a grammar lesson to my class. I learnt a whole lot more about different types of grammar and I enjoyed being the teacher.


I really enjoyed learning about Confirmation because it was a great experience. It will prepare me for later in life. Receiving the gifts of the Spirit like Right Judgement, Knowledge, Reverence, Courage and Understanding will prepare me for later in life.


I loved teaching the Maths lesson about adding and subtracting fractions. It was a great experience because I got to share my knowledge about Fractions with the rest of the class. I felt happy and was very proud of my lesson.


One of the highlights of this term was making my Confirmation and becoming a full member of the Church. I now understand what it means. One of my favourite things was doing an action for Social Justice. I ran a competition for others to guess “How many lollies were in the jar?” I am raising money for the Homeless people. I am sad for those who are sleeping out in the cold so I hope that I can make a difference to their lives.


I loved this term and all the art that we did. I especially liked the Protractor Art which was inspired by Frank Stella. I love using all the different colours and shapes. It is great to be inspired by all the different artists. We also created 3D artworks using straight and curved lines to make a hand.