Juniors have Talent!

We celebrated all our talents and learning today. The students performed in a talent show. The acts included playing guitar, keyboards and percussion instruments. Some groups sang and others put on a puppet show. We have developed and discovered some great new talents this term!
Rainbow fish puppet show
WE discovered…….
Anyone can be a songwriter
Actors use their body to tell a story
Singing songs can be made-up words
Decks in a band is a DJ
Anyone can learn to be a dancer
Katy Perry used to sing at Church
Natalia can play the keyboard
We can all do the Nutbush dance
I Learnt how to sing
How to be a songwriter
We can do drama
How to play different instruments
That you can make up your own words in a song
Many New and interesting bands
Many different new instruments
You can make your own instruments
Electric guitars make many great sounds
I learnt how to strum a guitar
You can make music from many different sounds
Dancing is moving your whole body to music
Oliver can play the guitar
Cooper is great at gymnastics

Ambient Orchestras came to our School

Wordle: performing arts

Last week we were very lucky to have Ambient Orchestras come to our school and inspire us to become songwriters, musicians and performers. http://www.ambientorchestras.com/

We were divided into 4 groups. Each group wrote a song about one of the 4 seasons, made up dance moves, then incorporated music and sound effects. It was an amazing day as we all developed new talents and became performers. The whole school came to watch our show. We felt proud!

Dancing Promotes Teamwork

We have been thinking about the BIG question for our Inquiry unit-
“What can we achieve when each of us shares our talents and all work together?”
Our focus is on the Performing Arts and we hope to experience
*Music instruments
Nutcracker 2009
We watched an awesome Video on dances from many different Musicals. These are some of our Refelctions:

Dancing Reflections
• Teamwork is important
• You get more ideas when you work as a group
• Working together is more fun
• Great new ideas come from different people
• You are encouraged to practice more in a group
• As a team you support and help each other

• There is Cool dancing on the movies
• Never give up and you will become really good at your talent
• Good costumes add colour and style to the performance
• Drama and Dance made the musicals more interesting
• Mixture of kids and adult dances
• They move their bodies fast
• Mary poppins danced with Bert
• Singing and dancing together is fun
• Dance to the beat of the music to stay in time
• Funky music is entertaining

Have you ever been in a performance where teamwork was important?
Please Comment and share your ideas for our learning!!!
Juniors are Jigging This Term!!