Proud 2 Be Me

Isabelle has summed up beautifully on her blog the excitement that we all felt when we read the announcement of the winners for the ACMI Screen it Competetion.

By Isabelle“This post is about our clay mation video proud 2 be me!!!!!! During this year all of the seniors went on an excursion to ACMI in the city in Melbourne and they entered us all in a competition about belonging and over 1 month (I think it was around 1 month) at school we had to work on making a video for the competition. We had to choose out of making a live video, a animation (claymation) or a game. My group did a clay mation and we name it proud 2 be me!

Then a few weeks ago we found out we were in the finals out of all of victoria’s entries and we were also short listed and we where in the finalls for the bullying no way compotition!!!!!!

On Monday this week all of the seniors (5/6′s) came into one class room and went onto the website at 10:00am to see if we had won……….We kept scrolling down and our name didn’t apear for winning anything……until………… We got to the bottom of the page and it said winners for the “Bullying no way” Category and…………………………..the primary school winner was…………………………US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good job to everyone you sent an entry into the competition as well!!”

Kids learning from each other

As part of our inquiry unit this term on Cultural diversity, each student chose one olympic country that they would like to know more about.

It was a fantastic way to learn from our friends.
Everyone did such a great job with their presentations.
I enjoyed the variety of slideshows, prezis, powerpoints and posters.
I didn’t know that countries could be so different.

Open plan for collaborative learning

Ruby-The new furniture is great because we can sit somewhere differently for every activity that we do. We can sit with people that we wouldn’t normally sit with and make new friends.
There was great excitement when the new furniture arrived this week. Lessons went out the door as new chairs, tables, and tubs came in. With our new glass sliding door between the two senior classrooms, and the fabulous circular tables, we now have fantastic new spaces to engage and enrich our learning.
We have started literature circles this week so it has been terrific to work and share in these groups.
We look forward to building great learning structures between the classes and working collaboratively together throughout the year.

Carmen- my favourite part of the new furniture are the new tubs. The old tubs used to hit our legs under the tables. The tables are really spacious.
Sarah- I like the new furniture because the tables are really colourful. We can sit wherever we want. I like to sit on the flower seats. Its a great way to learn and share ideas.
Isabelle- The new furniture is really bright and colourful. We get to know each other well because the tables are round. The tubs are in a special stand. I love sitting at any table that we want.

Social Justice Kids Conference

Social Justice Kids Conference on PhotoPeach

Leading on from the what we learnt at the Social Justice Conference we wanted to share our understandings of the hardships in the Philipines. We organised a whole school assembly to raise awareness for these kids. Everyone could wear free dress and donated toiletries and hygiene products to send to the Philipines.
We hope that by raising awareness we can all work towards building a more Just Society.

Collaborating in Maths

Today we revised what we kow about measuring PERIMETER and AREA. We used cubes to create rectangles, so that we could find the length and width. It was easy to measure the perimeter and build the whole area. Some students who were very confident, were then able to explain to others how they worked out the perimeter and the area using the formulas:
L x W= Area
Robbie=Colaboration is important because all working together we can share our ideas and improve on ideas. It builds our knowledge and helps us to solve problems.
Marcus-It was great to be able to teach other students. It makes it clearer for me and for others to understand.
Amy-I learnt that a perimeter is the outside measurement and the area is the inside surface that is measured. Using the materials and working together helped me to better understand what it means.