Social Justice Mini Fair

Today we held our Annual Social Justice Mini Fair. This is our third year running the Fair and all donations go to Bahay Tuluyan, to support children in the Philippines. It is run by the students and for the students.

Our very kind families send in donations of second hand toys and books that are still in good condition and can be reused by others.

We also sell cakes, sweets, slices and healthy treats which are all donated. We had a face painting and hairspray stall, mini games and the very popular chocolate throw competition.

Each class was responsible for organising a stall. We were very lucky that the sun shone all day for us. It was a fantastic day and supporting children overseas. Bahay Tuluyan will use the money to plant rice fields to help feed the thousands of children who they support each year.

Thank-you to everyone for helping to support Social Justice in our world.


Social Justice Mini Fair 2015 on PhotoPeach

Reflections on Students Teaching Students


Recently, we have been learning about all the wonderful ways of the different types of Poetry. Us students were the teachers, and we taught everyone our Poetry. My Poetry was a concrete poem and I thought I did a good job of teaching everyone. On top of learning poetry, I thought it was really interesting and even FUN!!!

We had to research the History of Poetry and some Poetry went back into the 1900’s!!! Some even less than that. I think Poetry is a very good way to present information in a fun and humorous way. My favorite Poetry to learn about was probably the Clerihew Poetry.

My favorite Poem that I wrote was probably the List poem. Here it is:


Boiling hot chips in

Oils and dips

Beef Jerkies

And delicious Turkeys

Sandwiches for lunch

And Tender Chicken for Brunch.





Over the last 2 weeks we have been learning about all many types of poems. I taught the ‘villanelle’ with my friend, Riley. I learnt so much about these poems and it’s been great. I’ve been so inspired to do great poems. It’s been easier to learn about the types of poems because we were learning from other students. My favourite part of the lesson was when we got to make our own poem! My best poem was the was the sonnet:


As the trees blow,

With powerful forces,

Putting on a noisy show,

With no knowledge of the the source,

With Brute strength,

To pull us down,

Blows you a long length,

Forcing our faces to a frown,

Strong winds that flow,

With beauty and honour,

As the winds grow,

The winds blow round the corner,

When the wind goes,

As the sun rose.



Across this week we have been learning from each other different styles of interesting poetry. We have researched a type of poem in partners then we shared it with the class. We wrote down the facts of each poem and then tried our own. I hope you enjoy reading my concrete poem.

The Sun


Shines bright in the blue sky

Making people tanned and warm

High in the sky like a tiny dot

Until clouds float by

and people sigh

Gone  is the sun



Positive Play

Across our school on a fortnightly basis we all join in together for Circle Time. It is organised in cross age groups from Prep to Year 6. Each collaborative group begins in a circle where we share things about ourselves, discuss positive behaviours and play games.

Today we played the balloon game. Students worked in pairs to try and keep their balloon off the ground. We added a twist whereby the pairs had to hold hands and still keep the balloon in the air.

DSCN3044 DSCN3045 DSCN3047 DSCN3043

The feedback from the game was that it built teamwork. The skills required were to take turns and only do small taps in the air. Some pairs found it difficult but in the end they all worked together and managed the task. It certainly was a fun, interactive game, which was evident from the smiles and laughter. It all added to the positive attitudes we are trying to instill in our Circle Time sessions.

Passionate Class Discussions

I have set my self the goal of promoting Student Voice, within my class. I want to give students the opportunity to share their ideas, to listen to each other and build confidence in discussions. I also want to give every student the chance to speak, to show that all opinions and ideas are valued.
Today we began to share our ideas within 1 minute time frames, speed chatting, with 3 different people. The topic was ‘How do we promote a Cleaner and Greener Australia.’ The students had to put forward an argument that they were passionate about. The buzz between the pairs and passion in the discussions was fabulous.
After the speed chatting we moved into a circle with the whole class. Every student was invited randomly to share the ideas.
The level of engagement was fantastic. I was careful to include every student and model good listening with eye contact, empathy and encouragement. Even the quieter students were brought into the discussion with cold calling. There was no waiting for hands to go up. Ideas that were achievable were recorded so that action could be taken.
It was a valuable lesson, which not only gave every student an opportunity to be heard but also a chance to share their knowledge and learning from this terms inquiry.
I will be incorporating the speed chatting and whole class discussions more regularly into my planning.


Some student ideas for taking action to promote a Cleaner and Greener Australia:
* write letters to the government to promote renewable energy
* reduce costs of solar panels to encourage everyone to use them
* set up connections with Coles Supermarkets and take-away venues to recycle plastic bags
* sign petitions for renewable energy use and limiting the use of coal
* using rubbish dumps for the methane gas to power electricity plants
* recycling, reducing and reusing old things

Students teaching each other Poetry

Today was the beginning of a series of lessons planned and run by the students, to teach each other different styles of poetry.
Amber and Rylee chose to learn about Limericks. They made a presentation and then taught the class how to write one also.


I really enjoyed learning about poetry from my friends. Limericks are great because they have humour and they follow a pattern.
It was fun hearing each others limericks. It is a great way to learn having our class mates present the lesson.

The fat cat
There once was a girl who had a cat
The fat cat loved to sit on the mat
The cat wanted to fly
But it couldn’t go high
The fat cat just played with the grey rat.

Raining Chocolate by Amelia

As the chocolate falls from the sky
I stand beneath with my mouth open wide
Sprinkling like a shower
I dance through the flowers
From my head down to my toes it slides.

“Kidsview” Social Justice Conference

The conference was great. It was all about poverty and children’s rights. I thought the title “Kidsview” really meant it beacause the kids got to share their points of view about world poverty.
I find it hard to believe that we are richer than 75% of the world with just clothing, beds, food and shelter, plus we have more. Only 12% of the world population has computers and 8% has internet access, which shows that we all have more than we need. A lot of us don’t even want to share.
After seeing the play about Gary’s and Aisa’s lives in the Philippines, I now think how ucky I am that I have the right to go to school, which is in a safe environment. I also thought about how lucky I am to live so close to my school.
The workshops really helped me to have a better understanding of what it is like to live with not much money and then what it is like to live the way I do with everything I need plus more.
I thought that the stories about children around the world who have helped to make a change, just proves that anyone small can make a bIG difference.

Reflection of Kidsview Conference by Amber

Designers and Innovators

This term our learning culminated in a Design and Innovation Personal Learning Task. The students reflected on their own learning.
I learnt that it is not all about the prototype but you have to put a lot more time into the design process than the actual model itself. There are many steps before making the model like defining, investigating, planning, imagining, designing, creating and producing, testing, analysing and evaluating.
I think this task was fun and creative. I learnt how to build a new product that will help in our everyday life.
I never knew how hard the design process was but I really enjoyed following the eight steps of the process. The hardest part was testing my product to see if it would work. My favourite part was the imagining because you can let out all of your ideas.
Over the past few weeks I have learnt new skills including easier ways to do things. I am very proud with what I have created. It works and will be very useful.
I found this topic to be an awesome learning experience. Having the design process booklet has helped me to understand what I need to do and things to consider. I’ve learnt the importance of planning my work and imagining a finished product.
It was really exciting making an invention and using the steps that scientists use. As I planned my box, I thought about adding wheels and making it bigger so it turned into the sky high box. It was a smart idea making a prototype and probably the best project I have ever done.
I think I did a really good job even though it was a bit hard. I think that I put it together well. Next time I would make it differently but it was a really fun task and I enjoyed doing it.

Designing and inventing from vgridley on Vimeo.

I enjoyed doing this personal learning task because it fixed a real life problem. It has inspired me to to do other inventions when I find another problem. The design process really helped and without it, I would not have achieved this standard of work.
I have learnt a great deal about using the design process and planning out my own work. I loved the idea that we had to make inventions. I have enjoyed seeing other people’s creative inventions and ideas during the term.
This project was great and I really enjoyed learning the design process. I have discovered other products like mine. It made me think about the steps of the design process and it expanded my imagination and creativity skills. I felt like a real inventor.
I really enjoyed this inquiry topic because it was so different to anything else that we have done. I now know about the design process and it has been an amazing learning experience. I was proud of myself because I believed in myself and tried to think outside of the box.

Dare to Dream in 2013

This year Mrs Gridley is challenging us to “Dare to Dream.”
We must all think of what we can do to achieve our best. We are setting goals for the year to help us strive to reach for higher standards to fulfill our potential.

Wordle: Dare to Dream

These are our goals:
James- I would like to develop my student blog to attract more viewers and get lots of comments. I would like to nominate myself as a school Sports Captain.
Carmen- I would like to improve in all subjects especially to develop my writing skills. I hope to be a good leader and role model for the school and be a great buddy for my Prep friend.
Yianni- I hope to get better at sport and try out for Student Representative Council.
Gemma- I hope to get better at handwriting. I want to improve my division and multiplication skills in maths.
Georgia- My goal is to put up my hand more often to join in class discussions and to gain more knowledge about everything.
Hailey- I want to get better at fractions and division in maths. I want to be a good leader and be a great role model for the younger students.
Laura- I hope that I can memorise my times tables and improve in Netball and other sports.
Vanessa- I hope to set a good example for my buddy, improve in division skills and be a great leader for the younger grades. I hope to nominate myself for Sports Captain, Social Justice or Library Leader. I would like to deepen my knowledge for Inquiry Learning.
Siobhon- I hope to make a difference in the social Justice Team. I will set a good example for my Prep Buddy and I want to make the Posts on my Personal Blog more descriptive and interesting. I will try hard to be the Sports Captain.
Holly- I will try to be a Sports Captain. I will always be there for my Prep Buddy. I will be a good leader for the younger students and I will improve in m y Division skills.
Madeline- I will try to read bigger books and improve my handwriting. In Maths I will work hard to improve my subtraction and addition. I would like to be a good leader and work in the Library Team.
Braden- I would like to develop a Maths and Science Computer Game. I hope to win a basketball award. I will improve my Division skills.
Tim- I hope to develop my blogging skills to get over 1000 viewers. I will improve my division skills. I will work towards developing my technology skills.
Nicholas- I want to help the Environment and kepp our school tidy. I hope to make the Library a better place and work with the Library Team.
Corinne- I want to get organised and plan my Homework carefully. I want to work with the Social Justice Team. I will improve in my Cross Country skills and make new friends.
Mark- I want to develop my Science and Technology skills. I will work harder in Sport and I hope to develop my reading and writing skills.
Chloe- I want to improve my Division skills in Maths. I hope to play in WNBL one day so I will work on my basketball skills like fitness, strength and shooting. I want to improve my oral presentation skills, using a clear confident voice and and eye contact. I will go for Sports Leader to share my skills and I hope to learn a lot in Scince Inquiry Learning.
Hannah- This year I hope to join sporting groups and nominate myself a s Sport Leader. I want to be a great role model to my Prep Buddy. I will improve my handwriting skills.

We all know that this will be Fantatsic Year and will work hard to make our Dreams happen.

ACMI – Screenit Competition Awards

#acmiscreenit winners bullyingnoway on Twitpic
What a fabulous experience for Jess, Isabelle, Amy, Charlotte, Hannah, Chloe and Leah, to be able to attend the National ACMI Screenit Competition Awards Ceremony. The standard of entries was very high and we were so excited that their claymation “Proud 2 be me” won the Bullying No Way animation category. All of our students in grade 5 and 6 participated. It was a very challenging project but it was certainly worth it in the end.