Scary Ghost Stories

Today we visited the Literacy Shed to inspire some creative writing. The students chose to visit The Ghostly Shed
I was nervous but excited as they shared their stories. In the end there were screams of horror. Their imaginations had run wild…..

The graveyard was dark and clouded. It was silent and haunted. I started speed walking, faster and faster. I had run into the cemetery as a shortcut. That was the biggest mistake I had ever made. Suddenly I heard, ‘Lucy, Lucy, Lucy’ echoing. My name was echoing over and over, again and again. I started running. I heard rustling. It was getting louder and louder, closer and closer. I couldn’t get out of that place fast enough. I was sprinting. I finally found the exit. IT WAS LOCKED! What would I do now? Something was right behind me. I could feel it’s presence. It grabbed me. AHHHH!……………………………….DEATH!
Hannah P.

“Edith. Are you coming or not!!” She pulled on her shoes. “Fine mum. We see Chopie’s grave every week. Why do we have to see it again??”
Edith’s mum yelled loudly but calmly, as Edith was imitating her, for she already new the response. “He is one of the greatest composers in this world. First you need to learn about great musicians and then you will learn how to play the piano. You will also learn that there are no such things as ghosts!”
Edith knew that there were ghosts and she was going to prove it.
Finally, they arrived at the graveyard.
“Mum. Where are you? Mum??” Edith couldn’t find her anywhere. She felt some wind blowing through her hair. Then a sharp pain rushed through her heart. Edith, was dead.

As I went to sleep that night there was a dark breeze blowing on my face. The next thing I remember was that I was walking slowly through a dark cemetery. I was not afraid but deeply entranced. I looked at my watch. It was 12:00 AM, in the year 2012. A gust of wind blew the red poppies from someone’s grave. I put them back on but wait that’s my name, my birth date, my grave….but how?
I looked at my watch. It was still 12:00 AM but the year was 3014!
Am I dead? I looked over to my right and I saw my mother’s grave. It read “died in grief after terrible loss of daughter Lizzy Dixon.” Sadly I never woke up from that nightmare.
Now I live in complete silence!

In the misty coldness of a winter’s night, Old Man Flinn Canderson, walked through the graves. He was a horrible looking man with yellow fingers and a rotten body. His face was pale and had started to rot. Pieces of skin fell from his face and his back. He had blood dripping down from where he had been shot dead.
He was a murderer in his day, so when they put him in his coffin they put chains around him. So each time he walked, you could hear the sounds of chains clanging and his moaning, as he held onto his back. He made sure that the cemetary was a place that noone approached willingly.
Jess S

Grand Parents Day

What a fantastic day we had when all of our Grand Parents and special friends came to visit. As we have been learning about What life was like in the past, it was a great opportunity to share our stories and life in the olden days. Our Grandparents brought in old photos to share. We showed them all around our classroom, our special work and computer skills. They were amazed at how much has changed. They enjoyed playing on the interactive whiteboard. Our grandparents shared stories about olden day schools, the milkman, the punishments, the games and the mischief they got up to with friends. It was an invaluable shared learning experience for us all.