Whole School Walkathon

We are all crazy about walking so today we went striding out around the school in our first school walkathon. It was organised by our Parent’s Association to help raise money for new school drinking taps. Our current taps are 50 years old so it is time to get some new ones.

St Luke's Walkathon


We walked in our Sports Team colours and added the laps as we went. Everyone walked between 10 and 13 laps. Each lap was 285 metres long.
Can you calculate that in total metres and in kilometres?



We would like to say a BIG thankyou to all the Mums who came along and helped organise the day. We especially enjoyed the fresh fruit snacks after our long walk!


Twilight Sports

Last night was a celebration of our athletic skills. It began with an opening ceremony which included the Teams marching onto the track and culminated in a whole school dance to the tune “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Each year level competed in running races and long jump. There were novelty events which included tunnel ball, over and under relay and mini hurdles. Each team had a circular relay and 200 metre race also. The sportsmanship and cooperation was fantastic. Congratulations to RED team for winning overall but also to everyone for making the evening such a fabulous community event.

Twilight Sports 2015 on PhotoPeach

The Commonwealth Games


On Friday the whole school participated in our mini Commonwealth Games.

The middles and senior classes worked together and had multiple choices of sports to compete in; including netball, soccer, hockey, downball and volleyball.

The highlight of the day was playing soccer. It is such a fun sport. We played in our House Colours for teams. Red won on the day so they all received a gold medal. It was a great day.

The Commonwealth Games on PhotoPeach


The World Cup moved to Melbourne today as the stars of St Luke’s came out to play.
Highlights included many goals scored by Riley, Laura, Gemma and Ciaran. Ivan was ecstatic kicking his goal also. The sportsmanship was impeccable, as students encouraged and supported each other. The boys team was triumphant winning every game and making it into the Grand Final. They played really well and came runners up.
The girls won 3 games and drew another just missing out on playing in the final. Overall it was a spectacular day.



Inter-school Sports

Bursting with excitement at the start of the day, which gradually built until lunchtime, we prepared for our first round in the Inter-school Sports.
Each Friday this term we will compete against another school in our district playing:
* Volley Stars
* Aussie Rules Football
* Soccer Rounders
* Netball

To add to the excitement we had our new sports tops to wear. They reflect the colours of our school and were chosen by our Sports Leaders for 2014.
All teams played really well with great skills and sportsmanship generated through all games.







Winners at the Interschool Athletics!

Group Cheer
What a fabulous day we had at the Interschool Sports. We competed against 6 schools in a variety of Track and Field events. We had many personal bests in shot put, discus, high jump and hurdles. Our sprints and relays were also very succesful.

Matt and Rylee

There was great team spirit as we all cheered and encouraged each other.
Our greatest surprise at the end of the day was when the results were announced. There was only 47 points seperating all 6 teams and only 2 points between 1st and 2nd place. We were the champion team on the day. We proudly accepted the shield. Back at school we did a lap of honour and sang our school theme song.
It was an awesome experience!










Around the World

Our quad blogging buddies from Barrow Hill in the UK asked if we could make a movie about our wonderful city, Melbourne. So with a few videos from Spring Street in Melbourne, photos and quick comments from my class, we have put together a Welcome to Melbourne video.
Some highlights include the MCG, Melbourne Cricket Ground, where Australia played England to win the Ashes and where our local Aussie Rules Football is played.
Other highlights are our many beautiful parks, playgrounds and beaches. Melbourne is a sporting capital of the world and we all love playing and viewing many different sports. We hope that enjoy our movie!

Welcome to Melbourne from vgridley on Vimeo.

Richmond football players visit

The Better Buddies program is supported by Richmond, an Aussie Rules Football team. Today we were visited by two of their players, Brett O’Hanlon and Cadeyn Williams.
They shared their stories from playing as kids to the excitement of playing at the senior level.
They told us about the importance of looking after team mates, training hard and eating a healthy diet.
We were inspired to be Better Buddies towards our class mates and work hard to follow our dreams.





Kanga Cricket

Today the Senior Students participated in a Kanga Cricket Competition. It is a mofidfied cricket game with 8 per side. Everyone batted for two overs, bowled and kept wickets for an over also.

We had 5 teams playing and every team won at least 2 games. In the words of Yianni

“Today was an awesome, amazing, spectacular, fantastic day!”

One of our boys teams were undefeated all day and won their final also. Congratulations to all the participants on your great sportsmanship and teamwork, not to mention your amazing skills.

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AFL Premiership Cup

Today Tim’s Dad brought the 2013 AFL Premiership Cup into our school. There was great excitement when he carried it in and as it was passed around.
We discovered that it is lined with 18 carat gold and the leaves on the cup are also 18 carat gold. The main part of the cup is made from Sterling Silver. It was very heavy.
We estimated that it was around 10 kilograms. Mrs Gridley was holding the cup and hoping to pass on some Good Luck to Richmond!
We cant wait for the finals to begin this weekend.




2013 AFL Premiership Cup

Go Tigers!!!