Skyping with the students at Highlawn Primary School in Bolton, UK

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On Friday night I sat up late and skyped with our blogging buddies in Bolton, UK. The students were very excited and so was I. The students at Highlawn have an award winning blog. They all contribute their writing, ideas, puzzles and more, on a daily basis. Along with our other pent blogging group from Newcastle, Maple class and Canada, we each take turns to be the focus blog. The other classes visit the focus blog and leave comments or ask questions. As it was Highlawns turn to be our focus, it was great to have the opportunity to skype with them. Some of their questions included:
Where is our school situated?
What is it like in Blackburn south?
What time do Australian students attend class?
What subjects do Australian children learn?
Do they learn another language?
What do Australian students eat for lunch?
They also wanted to know what my favorite subjects are to teach. I couldn’t choose between maths, art and blogging.
Thank you again to Mrs Duxbury and her fabulous class for the chance to chat with the blogging stars of Highlawn.
Picture courtesy of Cherise Duxbury

Skyping Quantum about Minecraft

Today we skyped with the Scientists from Quantum Victoria. They are the organisation who set up the minecraft server for our students to work on, Minecraft-Mining for Science and Mathematics. It has been a very successful project. Simon has been such a great mediator that he was awarded as the first student minecraft moderator. It was an exciting moment for all of us but especially for Simon. It was a big surprise. We also took the opportunity to ask some of our minecraft questions. It has been a great learning experience for everyone involved and it is certainly challenging many of our Maths and Science skills. Thankyou Quantum Victoria.

Skype with Highlawn Primary, UK Bolton

Yesterday we had a skyping session with Highlawn Primary. We had to stay back late at school, after our family Community Arts Project. It was 8:20pm here and 9:20am in the UK.
We learnt that at Christmas in the Uk
* They have special flowers like Holly, Mistletoe and Poinsettia
* It is really cold and they often get snow
* They eat some of the same foods that we eat
* They kiss their family and friends under the Mistletoe
* More people in their class have a real Christmas tree but in Australia most of us have fake trees
* They are on the other side of the world so while we are enjoying our summer they are very cold in Winter
* They only have 2 weeks holiday over Christmas but we have 6 weeks
* In the UK they have a different accent to us
* We would all like to experience a white christmas and they would love to have some prawns on the BBQ for their Christmas

We felt really happy to meet some new friends in the UK.

Skyping with USA for Reading

Today we were lucky enough to have Joanne Kaminski, a skype reading Tutor from USA, read to us about Creeping Crawlers. She read to us about many different insects. She told us about her favourite insect, the Lightning Bug and we told her about the Australian Christmas Beetle. It was certainly a wonderful learning experience, across the Pacific Ocean.Video call snapshot of Joanne KaminskiGoogle map of where we live compared to JoanneCover shot of the book "Creeping Crawlers"

The Beginning of our Class Robot

Our investigations about toys led us to a great contact in Manila. We skyped the students at the Manila International school together with their teacher, Mr Steve. We not only found out about their favourite toys but we also discovered that they had made a class robot. We were inspired to make our own.
Look at the fun we had taking apart all this old electronic equipment. This Friday we will begin creating our own robot from these scraps! We can’t wait!!!