Graduation 2013

Graduation 2013
What an incredible year of learning, friendships experiences, adventures and surprises.
Last night our grade 6 class graduated from primary School. It was an incredible night which included a celebratory liturgy, followed by speeches, presentations and the big surprise of the night- A Party Bus! The grade 6 students and teachers danced the night away on a double decker disco bus. This years students have been an inspirational class and we will miss them dearly but wish them well as they continue their life’s journey.

The Sensational SeniorG is a great inspiration to me

The tallest of all is Chloe for sure
Sharing her wisdom, from devouring books
On the sports field, her great prowess
Certainly steals all the looks

The smiling Fintan is sensitive and warm,
He has the cutest freckled cheeks
With the coolest of dance moves on the floor
He can groove to any beat

The hippy is Hannah our Mother Nature
She cares for creatures great and small
With a spontaneous giggle or contagious laughter
If Hannah’s around we’re having a ball

The wonderful Holly has travelled a lot
She loves to have a chat
Sharing adventures, full of expression
She wears latest fashions from her shoes to her hat

We are all so grateful that our precious Sam,
Eventually came to our school
He’s everyone’s mate so friendly and kind
Funny, adventurous, and cool

Now James is our resident techy
And he loves to lend a hand
He takes on any challenge
Training teachers when he can

What is the latest cricket score?
Is the cry from our sporting Tim
Yet give him any maths calculation
He’ll do it quickly, with a cheeky grin

Braden is the curious and quiet achiever,
Fixing computers his specialty
But with a wicked sense of humour
He throws in comments that are beauties

Now Mark can tell a story
He can talk the leg off a chair
Destined to be a politician
Or a scientist if he dares

Georgia produces the most beautiful work
So colourful and creative
Put her in front of an audience
She becomes extremely animated

Lookout for Siobhon on the basketball court,
She runs rings around the boys
Her popularity she takes in her stride
To be around her is always a Joy

The most passionate of all when making a speech
Is the adorable Vanessa
Always engaging in presentations
She’ll be a news reporter or uni professor

Hailey is our beautiful blonde,
So intelligent, friendly and caring
Always working with others in groups
Her magnificent work she loves sharing

The lovely Imogen has blossomed this year
Reaching for stars up high
When confidently delivering a presentation
So delighted was I, that I cried

And finally the smallest but bubbliest of all
The gorgeous energetic Carmen
The hardest of workers and full of ideas
A friend to everyone so diligent and charming


This year has been an incredible journey. We began with a group of meek year 5 students stepping up to become our leaders and watched them transform into mature grade 6. They were bombarded with PLTs, homework, leadership roles and speedy working conditions. It was not long before they were working at their best and challenging themselves, teaching each other and ultimately surprising themselves with what they had accomplished.

In term 1 we looked at the planets and then endeavoured to explain events and phenomena through science. The students became inventors themselves creating their own designs to assist with a problem at home.

In term 2 we looked at how we can all work towards building a socially just world. The students looked at the inequalities of our society and took actions to make a difference. They studied the saints and prepared for their confirmation. we worked in maths groups to build our strategies and problem solving skills.

In term 3 we looked at the world through stories in our past. We stepped back in time at sovereign hill and discovered the rich secrets of our own families past. We worked in literature circles to read novels and delve into the delights of literature.

And here we are term 4 where we have discovered the elements that keep our environment thriving. We investigated the rich biomes of Australia with partners on google docs, teaching the rest of the seniors. We then researched an environmental issue, becoming demonstrators and standing up for caged chickens, orangutans and the trees.

Throughout the year have had our laughs and had some tears but in the end we have come out stronger, wiser and smiling.
As we look at the class of 2013 we feel an overwhelming sense of pride as we send them out into the big wide world, on the cusp of teenage hood and as the hormones take over, we know that we did our best to inspire you all and hope that the memories that you take with you are happy and life changing.
We taught you to reach for stars, be the change you want to see in this world, to treasure the stories of your past and stand up for the future.
You dared to dream in 2013 now it is time to take those life lessons, stand on the top of the world and plunge courageously into your future. Good luck!

Designers and Innovators

This term our learning culminated in a Design and Innovation Personal Learning Task. The students reflected on their own learning.
I learnt that it is not all about the prototype but you have to put a lot more time into the design process than the actual model itself. There are many steps before making the model like defining, investigating, planning, imagining, designing, creating and producing, testing, analysing and evaluating.
I think this task was fun and creative. I learnt how to build a new product that will help in our everyday life.
I never knew how hard the design process was but I really enjoyed following the eight steps of the process. The hardest part was testing my product to see if it would work. My favourite part was the imagining because you can let out all of your ideas.
Over the past few weeks I have learnt new skills including easier ways to do things. I am very proud with what I have created. It works and will be very useful.
I found this topic to be an awesome learning experience. Having the design process booklet has helped me to understand what I need to do and things to consider. I’ve learnt the importance of planning my work and imagining a finished product.
It was really exciting making an invention and using the steps that scientists use. As I planned my box, I thought about adding wheels and making it bigger so it turned into the sky high box. It was a smart idea making a prototype and probably the best project I have ever done.
I think I did a really good job even though it was a bit hard. I think that I put it together well. Next time I would make it differently but it was a really fun task and I enjoyed doing it.

Designing and inventing from vgridley on Vimeo.

I enjoyed doing this personal learning task because it fixed a real life problem. It has inspired me to to do other inventions when I find another problem. The design process really helped and without it, I would not have achieved this standard of work.
I have learnt a great deal about using the design process and planning out my own work. I loved the idea that we had to make inventions. I have enjoyed seeing other people’s creative inventions and ideas during the term.
This project was great and I really enjoyed learning the design process. I have discovered other products like mine. It made me think about the steps of the design process and it expanded my imagination and creativity skills. I felt like a real inventor.
I really enjoyed this inquiry topic because it was so different to anything else that we have done. I now know about the design process and it has been an amazing learning experience. I was proud of myself because I believed in myself and tried to think outside of the box.

Excursion to ACMI

Today we ventured into the city on the train. We had a carriage to ourselves so we could spread out. We alighted the train at Flinders Street Station where we gathered under the clocks for a photo.
We crossed the road and went to Federation Square where we enjoyed our morning tea. After a quick play at Birrarungmar, we journeyed into ACMI, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.
We attended a lecture on Belonging, where we discussed our understanding of Belonging and Cultural Identity. This included a series of short films which were very entertaining.
Excursion to ACMI on PhotoPeach

Our task will be to create our own moving image, using film, animation or video game, to send a message of belonging.
The Screen it exhibition was the next part of the excursion where we could play with and discover the many different types of technolgy used in the making of film, TV, animation and games.
It was a fantastic day and we cant wait to get started on our own film making.