Junior G Robots come out to play!

Our class made 7 awesome Robots!

Dan O. -I felt excited because we could unscrew things and cut wires and cords. I learnt that there are 2 different types of screwdrivers. They are Phillips head and flat headed screw drivers. It made me feel like being an RACV mechanic.
Ivan-Some robots wee tall and some small. I discovered that nearly every piece of electronic equipment has a circuit board.
Akon-I had the experience to see circuit boards and inside all the things that we pulled apart. We designed what we thought the robots would look like at the start. I felt proud of our robot because I put so much effort into it.
Jack-Circuit boards can come in all shapes and sizes. I felt happy making the robots.
Injala-I discovered that most computer laptops are heavy. I felt very proud when we finished our robots.
James-I felt like a scientist. I discovered that some circuit boards had fans and some circuit boards had sharp bits.
Sebastian-I felt excited. I discovered that there are all different kinds of circuit boards. I learnt that robots can teach you how to spell.
Connor-I learnt how to make robots and it was fun. I felt really good because I like to make stuff. I discovered that we can put electric pieces on our robots.
Joe-I did not know that old stuff could make something so good. You can make lots of things from old equipment.
Dan S.-It was really hard pulling the phone apart. The circuit boards look really good on the robots. I discovered what is inside a DS.
Tessa- I learnt what is inside a CD player. There are lots of springs, wires and screws in a CD player.
Jamie-I discovered that you make interesting robots in a group. Everyone can do a part to help to make the robot.
Matthew-I discovered that a robot can be made from bits and pieces of electronic equipment.
Will J-We made 7 robots. It was a great experience to take things apart.
Chloe-I felt excited when we were going to build the robot. I discovered that old parts could be made into new things by decorating them.
Laura-I discovered that robots can be made from anything except people. I felt excited when we were putting together the robots.
Rylee-I learnt what a circuit board was and that they come in all different shapes and sizes. I didn’t know what things would be inside a TV or computer. I saw lots of screws that held things together.
Patrick-I felt happy. I discovered that we can take apart TVs, laptops, computers, CD players and phones. It was a wonderful new experience.
Madeline-I discovered what a printer has inside to make it work, like a circuit board. I learnt that robots can be all shapes and sizes.
Ruby-I learnt that it does not matter if your robot is big or small and robots can be made out of anything like foil, paper, circuit boards and phones.
Riley-It was a fantastic experience for the class and for me to make a robot. Robots can help us with things. I felt proud of myself.
Raquel-I learnt that robots can be made from old electronic equipment. I felt really excited about making the robot. I discovered that you can make a robot with a television on the back of it.
Adam-I felt happy because I had never made a robot in my whole life. It was the best robot ever. I was proud of myself.
Will C-I felt really happy. I learnt that circuit boards can be useful for robots. I discovered that you can use lots of stuff to make a robot.
Eden-We used lots of broken down equipment like an apple mac computer, a tape, circuit boards, a DVD player, a CD player and more.
Tom-On Friday we made 7 awesome robots all different shapes and sizes. When I was making my robot I felt excited and I couldn’t wait to finish. I discovered that robots don’t always have to be alive and move their arms and legs and sometimes their heads.
Corinne-When we made the robots I got to feel all different types of broken electronics. I learnt about all the circuit boards and the different parts inside. I like how our robots turned out.

The Beginning of our Class Robot

Our investigations about toys led us to a great contact in Manila. We skyped the students at the Manila International school together with their teacher, Mr Steve. We not only found out about their favourite toys but we also discovered that they had made a class robot. We were inspired to make our own.
Look at the fun we had taking apart all this old electronic equipment. This Friday we will begin creating our own robot from these scraps! We can’t wait!!!