Book Week 2014

Book Week Parade

Jon-Library Leader
I think this was the best book week ever since I’ve been at this school.
Thank you all for participating. Every one in the school was invited to send in a family photo about how they connect to reading. All the pictures were amazing, spectacular and ultimate!
The book week parade was full of many colourful costumes and characters.
So thank you to every one for supporting book week in the dress up parade and family reading photos.

Book Week Parade

Book week is so much fun especially when we dress as a book character. This years theme was Reading Across The Universe, so many of us dressed as super heroes or space characters.
We love sharing our favourite books with our prep buddies and finding out about the Books on the Shortlist for book week.
Reading is such an important part of our learning and we love that books take us on journey guided by our imaginations.
What do you do to celebrate Book Week?

Helping our Prep Buddies

Reading and Drawing with our Prep Buddies on PhotoPeach

Today was a great experience hearing our Prep buddies read for the first time. We helped them choose a new book and then read with them. It is wonderful to be able to help them with their learning. We also made handprints together and drew some pictures. It is a great feeling to be able teach the younger students new things.