Juniors have Talent!

We celebrated all our talents and learning today. The students performed in a talent show. The acts included playing guitar, keyboards and percussion instruments. Some groups sang and others put on a puppet show. We have developed and discovered some great new talents this term!
Rainbow fish puppet show
WE discovered…….
Anyone can be a songwriter
Actors use their body to tell a story
Singing songs can be made-up words
Decks in a band is a DJ
Anyone can learn to be a dancer
Katy Perry used to sing at Church
Natalia can play the keyboard
We can all do the Nutbush dance
I Learnt how to sing
How to be a songwriter
We can do drama
How to play different instruments
That you can make up your own words in a song
Many New and interesting bands
Many different new instruments
You can make your own instruments
Electric guitars make many great sounds
I learnt how to strum a guitar
You can make music from many different sounds
Dancing is moving your whole body to music
Oliver can play the guitar
Cooper is great at gymnastics