Positive Play

Across our school on a fortnightly basis we all join in together for Circle Time. It is organised in cross age groups from Prep to Year 6. Each collaborative group begins in a circle where we share things about ourselves, discuss positive behaviours and play games.

Today we played the balloon game. Students worked in pairs to try and keep their balloon off the ground. We added a twist whereby the pairs had to hold hands and still keep the balloon in the air.

DSCN3044 DSCN3045 DSCN3047 DSCN3043

The feedback from the game was that it built teamwork. The skills required were to take turns and only do small taps in the air. Some pairs found it difficult but in the end they all worked together and managed the task. It certainly was a fun, interactive game, which was evident from the smiles and laughter. It all added to the positive attitudes we are trying to instill in our Circle Time sessions.