Excursion to Parliament House Victoria and NGV

Parliament House Victoria & NGV on PhotoPeach

What a wonderful start to the year with a visit to Parliament House. We were given a guided tour of the Upper and Lower Houses, discovering the roles of the Ministers and sitting in the Chair of the Premier. We were lucky enough to meet the Victorian Premier Denis Napthine and Hugh Delahunty MP. The architecture is incredible. It was built during the gold rush so most rooms are decorated with gold leaf plating. We learnt about the various Premiers throughout History, the new laws that have been made and how a bill is passed into Parliament.

Following the tour we journeyed down to Federation Square where the NGV Ian Potter Gallery displays contemporary Artworks. We discovered art made in icing by the Hotham Street Ladies. It is so clever how they have made rugs, pizza boxes and cushions out of icing. There were artworks that told stories of indigenous culture and there was a creature holding an old lady that was very lifelike.

Our final stop was at birrarung marr park, for lunch and a play on the playground. What a fantastic day! Our tour guides congratulated our students on their deep thinking, good questions and amazing insight into art and politics. We are set for a great term of learning!

Ted Bailleau came to visit

There was great excitement when 2 politicians came to our school to hold a press conference. There is an election this week so they were announcing more funding for schools as a new policy, if they get elected in.
We were amazed that they came into our classroom. There were cameras, boom microphones and flashes from photographers. It was a great experience for us and our school. We even made it onto the evening news!
Ted Bailleau, Victorian Liberal Leader and Peter Ryan, Victorian National Party LeaderTed Bailleau in our class