Expert Teaching from Students

Mia and Jasmine have become experts on the Poetry style of a Limerick. Today they shared their love of Limericks, sharing the history, the structure and the purpose of a limerick. It was a great way to inspire their class mates to create their own limericks. They were very entertaining.

Limericks are very popular in Ireland but they were originally written in France and Spanish soldiers were believed to have brought this style of Poetry into Ireland in the 1700’s.


Mia and Jasmine also shared a Poem from Edward Lear and some of their own!

Edward Lear was an English artist, illustrator, musician, author and poet, and is known now mostly for his poetry.

There was a Young Lady whose chin

Resembled the point of a pin:

So she had it made sharp,

And purchased a harp,

And played several tunes with her chin.

– Edward Lear


There is a great class called Senior G

They always have super smiley glees

Our class likes to laugh

We have some giraffes

Don’t forget super Mrs Gridley!

by Mia


There once lived a girl with a big head

It was swollen and so very red

Her head puffed out

And it made her pout

So she blew up and died in her bed.

by Jasmine


There was once a criminal running,

The jewellery he stole was stunning,

Police were shouting,

The robber scouting,

Then suddenly he started gunning.

by James G.


Inspiring Poetry

Poetry is Lighting Up Our World this week during Book Week. We are studying a variety of poetic styles and features. Today Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven was our Inspiration. Having the Simpsons retell this famous poem added to the enthusiasm of the students. They have produced their own poems. We hope that you enjoy them.

The Raven – The Simpsons Version


Sunken feeling also dreary
The loneliness I employ
Has yet decayed this house of sorrow
And shall never more be be opened.
Thy sorrow of my loss back then
Has come back to haunt my dreams.
This house of sorrow shall never be unveiled
I shall take it to my grave
Never more shall it veil the sadness of the world.
Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe

NEVERMORE by Madeline B

Presently my soul grew stronger
hesitating then no longer
And the silken sad uncertain rustling
Of each Purple curtain
The silence was unbroken
Though my heartbeat drummed inside
And the dreary tune kept moaning
Ducked under chair to hide
Dreaming dreams no mortal had
Dared to dream before
A flirt and a flutter
But forever or nothing more
Presently my soul grew stronger
Hesitating then no longer
As the air grew denser
The pressure became immenser.


I was sitting next to my chamber door
But suddenly someone was tapping
On my door
It sounded like someone was rapping
Then it surprised me that it went away!
Then out of nowhere
A big, loud and fierce knock came
I was hiding under the bookshelf
In despair, then my soul grew stronger
hesitating then no longer
I crawled out from under the bookshelf
A crow forced through the window
And flew onto an ornament
It stayed there forever and ever.


Sitting by the chamber door
Hearing something, but not quite sure
The silken, sad, uncertain rustling
Of each purple curtain
The sound gets louder and longer
But presently my soul grew stronger
Hesitating then no longer
I open the chamber door
It’s dark and dreary
The wind whistling came strongly
With a smell that went far and longingly
I turn with a fright.


As I walk through this rotten, rundown haunting house
With the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
My heart is beating faster than a jaguar
Presently my soul grew stronger
hesitating then no longer
The withered and cracked walls
Whisper in my ears.
This house is like no other
A house of doom and misery
The windows whistle as the wind passes by
Putting shivers down my spine
No protection in this house.


Staying here presently my soul grew stronger
Hesitating then way longer
The scratching at the door had stopped
No more
Till the horrifying squeal of a bird
I opened and I saw
Never shall my body
Lift from the floor
After the bird saw
And squealed no more.

Concrete Poetry

Today Luke and Jon taught us all about a concrete poem. A concrete poem takes on the shape of the topic of the poem. It is like a free verse and does not have to rhyme.
It was fun making poems in a shape. It’s always terrific learning from our peers.







Concrete Poetry

Students teaching each other Poetry

Today was the beginning of a series of lessons planned and run by the students, to teach each other different styles of poetry.
Amber and Rylee chose to learn about Limericks. They made a presentation and then taught the class how to write one also.


I really enjoyed learning about poetry from my friends. Limericks are great because they have humour and they follow a pattern.
It was fun hearing each others limericks. It is a great way to learn having our class mates present the lesson.

The fat cat
There once was a girl who had a cat
The fat cat loved to sit on the mat
The cat wanted to fly
But it couldn’t go high
The fat cat just played with the grey rat.

Raining Chocolate by Amelia

As the chocolate falls from the sky
I stand beneath with my mouth open wide
Sprinkling like a shower
I dance through the flowers
From my head down to my toes it slides.