Pizza Maths

Maths is fun when you get to eat the solution.
As we are learning about fractions we tried to apply our knowledge and strategies for solving fractions into an everyday situation.
The students were given the simple problem:DSCN1617
After a few minutes they shared their solutions. Most were able to draw a model and give an answer. Other students came up and showed their strategies.







Then it was time for a bigger problem. What if we had 9 pizzas to share between 24 students?
This required some real pizzas. We headed to the kitchen to prepare the pizzas. Once they were in the oven the students needed work out what fraction each would receive and what would be the least number of cuts required?

The solutions were surprising!











The students rushed to find a quick solution. Many of them decided thirds would be best with some leftovers. Most were able to draw the solution but struggled to come up with the correct solution.

No-one made a connection to the earlier, simpler problem.

Finally one student surprised herself, by being the first to give the correct answer. The students would only get their slices when they could tell me what their solution was. Another student was the first to realize that you could cut quarters and eighths, making less cuts.

Finally everyone could explain their solutions and strategies.

It was a delicious fraction lesson and one that will make them think more carefully about equal shares in the future-I hope!

DSCN1621 Our solutions