Social Justice Mini Fair

Today we held our Annual Social Justice Mini Fair. This is our third year running the Fair and all donations go to Bahay Tuluyan, to support children in the Philippines. It is run by the students and for the students.

Our very kind families send in donations of second hand toys and books that are still in good condition and can be reused by others.

We also sell cakes, sweets, slices and healthy treats which are all donated. We had a face painting and hairspray stall, mini games and the very popular chocolate throw competition.

Each class was responsible for organising a stall. We were very lucky that the sun shone all day for us. It was a fantastic day and supporting children overseas. Bahay Tuluyan will use the money to plant rice fields to help feed the thousands of children who they support each year.

Thank-you to everyone for helping to support Social Justice in our world.


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Social Justice Mini Fair

Today our school had a social justice mini fair, to raise money for Bahay Tuluyan, so they could build a playground in the Philippines. We all love to play and have access to such wonderful playgrounds, so we think that they should too and then they will have as much fun as we do.

At the mini fair, each class organised a stall to recycle or reuse goods like toys and books. Other people donated sweets and cakes to add to the fun of the fair.

The stalls included:

  • Book stall
  • Toy stall
  • Cake stall
  • Lolly stall
  • Sport stall
  • Mini games
  • Hairspray and Face paint
  • Chocolate Throw

We enjoyed these stalls because all of the cakes, items etc. was donated by our local community and school. The face painting and the chocolate throw were big hits at the mini fair.

Overall it was a successful and exciting day and we raised $1700 to help Bahay Tuluyan build a playground for the children in the Philippines. 
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Gemma, Corinne, Raquel and Laura – Social Justice Leaders

Bahay Tuluyan




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Today we had visitors from the Philippines. Robert told us about how he lived on the streets. When he was sick someone took him to the hospital. He recovered luckily and went on to become stronger and fitter. His story made me feel sad but now he is following his dreams to become a Chef. I am very happy for him.

At Bahay Tuluyan they have a drop in centre for homeless children. They teach the children about their rights and help to educate them.


I discovered how many people in the Philippines walk past the homeless and pay no attention to them. It made me feel pretty sad. When I see homeless people in the city I will be more thoughtful from now on.

I am so proud of what Robert and Donna have achieved since growing up on the streets. How they lived is incredible and now they have changed their lives.

Supporting Children in the Philippines

Tomorrow we are all very excited to be supporting our School’s Social Justice Mini Fair.

With the help of our Social Justice Leaders, each class has collected or made goods to sell at a stall.

There will be Toys, Books, Sweets, Lucky Dips, Plants, Cakes, Games and Chocolates!

We are so lucky here in Australia with all that we need and more. We are especially lucky to have so many beautiful playgrounds at school and in our suburbs. The children in the Philippines need playgrounds also. The money collected tomorrow will be sent to Bahay Tuluyan in the Philippines, to help fund a playground in Laguna. WE know that we can all help to make a difference in their lives.
Hannah, Fintan and Simon (Social Justice Leaders)