On the Move Measuring

Maths is always fun especially when you are able to apply it to real life activities in the sunshine. As we were learning about area and perimeter it was a great opportunity to apply our skills and find out the measurements of things around our school. We investigated the size of a car park space to find out how much paint would be needed to repaint them. We also discovered the area of a garden beds to work our plantings needed for new gardens.

It was a great way to use our maths and check our understanding of area and perimeters around us.

Designing Garden Beds in Maths

I learnt that to find the area of a rectangle you multiply the length by the width. It was challenging trying to make a garden bed from our plan. We measured the sides and then found the area. To find the area of a triangle we multiplied 1/2 the length by the width.

I had fun all week learning about perimeter and area. I discovered that I could use the measurement from the length and width multiplied to find the area. I also discovered that if you halve the length of a triangle and multiply it by the width you find the area of a triangle.