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Our quad blogging buddies from Barrow Hill in the UK asked if we could make a movie about our wonderful city, Melbourne. So with a few videos from Spring Street in Melbourne, photos and quick comments from my class, we have put together a Welcome to Melbourne video.
Some highlights include the MCG, Melbourne Cricket Ground, where Australia played England to win the Ashes and where our local Aussie Rules Football is played.
Other highlights are our many beautiful parks, playgrounds and beaches. Melbourne is a sporting capital of the world and we all love playing and viewing many different sports. We hope that enjoy our movie!

Welcome to Melbourne from vgridley on Vimeo.

Australia is a Great Big Melting Pot of different Cultures

How do different cultures enrich our community?



Melting Pot

Today we reflected on our learning Journey through our inquiry unit. We used sentence starters and chose a photo to reflect on. We mixed all the experiences into the Melting Pot. We are beginning to understand why it is so important to respect and appreciate what the many different Cultures contribute to our Community.

Then, our friend Clive in Sri Lanka  (who is a regular reader of our blog) , told us about this song from a long time ago (ha!)