Newspaper Art to create Olden Day Pictures

Today, at the end of a long week, we explored our creativity by using newspaper to capture some of the images that we have been researching, to learn more about the past. We have been focussing on olden day schools. transport and pastimes.
The students have a particular interest in horse and carts and the games children used to play.
We used newspaper to give our art that old black and white effect.

Newspaper Art on PhotoPeach

Newspaper Art on PhotoPeach

Junior master chefs out in force in Blackburn

The Whitehorse leader newspaper article

This is the article that appeared in our local newspaper


JUNIOR MasterChefs were out in force at Blackburn South’s St Luke the Evangelist Primary School last week.

An ongoing experiment which began at the start of term 2 ended with a community luncheon for parents and friends of the school.

Deputy Principal Julie David said the school was committed to providing students with healthy eating options and was determined to showcase good foods.

“This investigation began at the end of term 2 with the classes creating their own worm farms,” she said.

“The aim of making these worm farms was to produce fertiliser for our school vegetable patch so we would have healthy produce for this term’s inquiry. This term one of our mums came in to share her knowledge of food and healthy eating.

“We created healthy meals to share at home using at least one of the vegetables that are growing in our vegetable patch at school.”