News Videos on Natural Disasters

Using the chrome books students were set the challenge to create a news video to explain how communities prepare and collaborate in times of Natural Disaster?
These two students created characters to show their research using Stupeflix.
“This term we have all been learning about natural disasters. We were asked to create a media piece. We chose an interesting natural disaster…. cyclones!!! Ciaran and I hope you enjoy this news report because we worked quite hard on it.”

Madison, Jamie and Mia created an iMovie to help people understand how to prepare for a bushfire. It is very informative.

Yianni and Tully researched the impact of Earthquakes, what causes them to occur and how they affect communities. They suggest ways to prepare for earthquakes and what to do during an earthquake.

Excursion to Fire Museum and Melbourne Museum

Reflections on our learning at the Fire Museum and Melbourne Museum!


  • We found out about how fire fighters dressed and travelled in the past
  • I discovered how a modern day fire hose works
  • The fire trucks have changed dramatically over time
  • Fire trucks were originally pulled by horses
  • We learnt about the history of fires in Victoria
  • The firefighters get changed within 90 seconds and they get to the emergency in under 7 minutes
  • The best thing was going into the old watch room and seeing how cool the warning system and alarms were. It ran very efficiently.
  • Technology has now replaced the manual labour of the fire station
  • There was a huge array of medals that had been awarded to the firefighters over the years including a Victoria Cross


  • The 3D Volcanic Eruption movie was really interesting. It was great seeing it from a different perspective
  • The rocks were interesting
  • Seeing the revolving earth models were fascinating to see the changes over time and how the earth was formed
  • We could see what the earth looked like over 4 million years ago
  • The rocks and crystals were amazing, to think that something so bright and colourful can come from underground
  • Seeing the 3D movie helped me to visualise the power of the disaster
  • The crystals are formed naturally and have such incredible beauty and shapes
  • It was like travelling on a ride going along with the lava in the lava tube
  • The museum was a wonderful place to visit to help us understand more about the earth’s structure and volcanoes

Natural Disasters Research

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Over the past few weeks we have been researching the effects and causes of Natural Disasters. To assist our presentations students created their own unique models of the various disasters. Many of the models were moving and active. Here is a sample of creative designs.
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photo 1
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Welcome back to Term 4 –

Welcome back everyone to for the beginning of an exciting term. We are endeavoring to answer the question:
“How does knowledge empower communities to support and collaborate in times of Natural Disasters?”

Our focus in Inquiry will be on researching Natural Disasters within Australia and around the World.
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Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Mirko Chessari via Compfight

During this unit students will explore the way in which the earth changes especially the immediate changes seen in natural disasters. The students will develop understandings about the relationship between; earth (sea and land) and its atmosphere through scientific investigations. They will determine whether changes to the earth are geological or atmospheric, and establish some of the causes and effects of a range of natural disasters. They will investigate ways in which natural disasters may be prevented or managed in order to minimise damage.bushfire
Photo Credit: bertknot via Compfight

Our Natural Disaster Models

Over the past few weeks we have made some interesting discoveries about Natural Disasters.
As a homework task we could create a model of any natural disaster. There were some amazing moving models including
Bushfires, Avalanches, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Cyclones, Floods and of course- Volcanoes.
We discovered that the best mixture for a successful exploding volcano was dishwashing liquid, vinegar, bi-carb soda and food dye.
Natural Disaster Models on PhotoPeach