Fun Maths-Making Mocktails

Ruby-Today I learnt about ratio. It is the comparitive value of 2 or more amounts. I learnt this by making a delicious mocktail. I combined mango banana with peach syrup in a 3:1 ratio.
Helen-Ratio links to fractions. I made a mocktail of mango and tropical juice using a ratio of 2:1. It tasted great and I now understand what ratio is.
Carley-I learnt that you can write a ratio in two ways. It can be a part to part like 3:1 or part to whole where 1:6 is 1/6. My mocktail was lime and orange.
Maddie- I learnt that a ratio can be comparing or combining different parts. My mocktail was pommegranite and strawberry. My ratio was 1.5:2.5.
Amy-I learnt that a ratio is a measurement that can be used to compare things. I made a tropical and orange mocktail, using a 1:3 ratio. Maths was fun today and it is easy to learn when you are drinking yummy mocktails.