Skyping Quantum about Minecraft

Today we skyped with the Scientists from Quantum Victoria. They are the organisation who set up the minecraft server for our students to work on, Minecraft-Mining for Science and Mathematics. It has been a very successful project. Simon has been such a great mediator that he was awarded as the first student minecraft moderator. It was an exciting moment for all of us but especially for Simon. It was a big surprise. We also took the opportunity to ask some of our minecraft questions. It has been a great learning experience for everyone involved and it is certainly challenging many of our Maths and Science skills. Thankyou Quantum Victoria.

Minecraft – Mining for Science and Mathematics

We are very fortunate that 30 of our students have been offered the opportunity to attend a Minecraft-Mining for Science and Mathematics session.
Students will discover the world of Minecraft and join an online educational community with students from around Victoria. Quantum Victoria’s Minecraft program is for students who are interested in developing digital media skills, exploring their creativity and developing online social skills using a safe and secure virtual world. Students will join our community space and have access to a project-based learning oriented achievement system whilst exploring science, engineering, mathematics and logic within our Minecraft world.

I need to learn more!!