Maths – Measuring at Home

Many classes at school have been making new discoveries about measuring. They have solved many problems and worked in groups to find out more about Volume, Capacity, Mass, Length, Time, Temperature and Area.
The whole school was set the challenge of cooking at home using a variety of measures. Below are some of our wonderful mathematicians measuring and baking at home.

Here are some photos of Madeline and Caitlin making pizza dough. They love cooking and they do it quite regularly. The girls always spend at least half their weekend playing My Kitchen Rules in the backyard and cubby house with dirt, sand, water, grass, leaves and flowers. Caitlin and Madeline often cook with their Mum and now they are making sure they talk about the measurements also.

Here is a photo of Hannah enjoying her very last Anzac biscuit which she baked last Thursday. She did everything including reading the recipe, measuring the ingredients and mixing it all together, completely unassisted. The only thing she didn’t do was the dishes afterwards!! The vote from the rest of the family was VERY GOOD! The Anzac biscuits disappeared very quickly.

It is great to hear all the different ways that parents and children are measuring at home.

What have you measured lately?

Marvellous Measuring in Maths

This week in Maths we were involved in a rotation of collaborative activities in measurement.
We explored:
-Speed and Power
We all enjoyed the cooking because we made our own bread. It was very sticky rubbing it in our fingers but it was great to measure, seive and combine all of the ingredients.
We discovered the difference and similarities between volume and capacity. We compared our heights and weights. We also had fun with water measuring with different containers and finding out about millilitres and litres.
It was a fun and creative learning experience, working in teams and sharing our discoveries.

Discovering the Area of a Triangle

Today in Mathematics we made boats. It was so much fun. The best part was that we were learning about finding the area of a triangle.
Amy-I learnt how to find the area by multiplying the length and width of a rectangle then halving it to find the area of the triangle. It was more fun than regular maths because it was interactive.
Ruby-I learnt how to get the area of a triangle and a rectangle. It was hands on. We made a boat with sails. We measured the height and base of the sail, multiplied them and then divided it by two. It was fun and different to other maths.

Designing garden beds in Maths

Designing our own garden beds on PhotoPeach

I have learnt that to find the area of a right angled shape you need to multiply the length by the width. I love designing my own garden bed.
To find the perimeter of a shape you need to measure all of the sides of the shape. Then you add the sides together. That is how you find the perimeter. I learnt that perimeter means the outside measurement of a shape.

Collaborating in Maths

Today we revised what we kow about measuring PERIMETER and AREA. We used cubes to create rectangles, so that we could find the length and width. It was easy to measure the perimeter and build the whole area. Some students who were very confident, were then able to explain to others how they worked out the perimeter and the area using the formulas:
L x W= Area
Robbie=Colaboration is important because all working together we can share our ideas and improve on ideas. It builds our knowledge and helps us to solve problems.
Marcus-It was great to be able to teach other students. It makes it clearer for me and for others to understand.
Amy-I learnt that a perimeter is the outside measurement and the area is the inside surface that is measured. Using the materials and working together helped me to better understand what it means.