Student Narratives

 A long time ago, in 3476,on the the 27th of June, at a school something amazing happened! You see there was a guy,whose name was Matthew. He had shining blond hair, blistering blue eyes and was very tall at 147cm, to be exact. Then there was his friend Jimmy, who had dark chocolate brown hair, with gleaming hazel eyes but was only 123cm tall.
Let’s get into the story…
Ok so we were using some new software, that our school had been provided, in science class and trust me, it was worth it because me being me, I usually went off track. I had discovered an amazing thing. It was an oil slick under the school and Jimmy and I had found it. It was a great moment for us but because it was precious oil, we kept it quiet.
Later that evening, we returned to school. We crept around and camped for 30 min as the teachers were still there working but as soon as they left we got out from where we were hiding in the sports shed. You see when we were at school, we asked for the key, but we didn’t return it, so we could unlock the shed to hide in, that night.
We took our shovel and started digging but it was 3 meters in to the ground, so it took a while, but we made it eventually. Not only did we find the oil but we also found this strange egg like thing. The following day we analysed it and it and the computer said “UKNOWN.” So we just had to wait and wait until it hatched and guess what it hatched as…
a baby alien! We were excited to have our own alien and we took it in. It had brown eyes, grey wrinkly skin and a very large head! We were looking after it for quite a while but then it came to a complete WTH stage! (what the heck). It grew really fast. It was 238cm tall. It was HUGE! It was also getting really hard to manage so we kicked him out, which was quite sad.
We had realised after a few days that it had been a terrible, terrible mistake. You see it raged so hard it went full on evil and went and destroyed the town.
No one could do anything to stop it, so we had to do the one thing that I hoped I wouldn’t have to… I picked up my laser and shot it and before I knew it he was gone out of our lives forever.
Meanwhile the precious oil sat in the ground waiting to be collected. THE END

MIA’S STORY By Carley Ko
In the year 2035, there was a beautiful, young girl called Mia. She had long, brown hair, that reached her hips and her blue eyes sparkled like the sky on a clear, sunny day. Her clothes were so fine that if they were for sale, people would greatly admire them. Mia was found abandoned as a baby. Her parents were so poor that they couldn’t even feed poor Mia, so they sent her to Foster-Care, hoping she would be able to realize the true meaning of a happy family and a good life.
Sadly, no one ever adopted her. When Mia was 15, she took off by herself and made her home in a dark forest, where no light would ever enter. Using the things she found in the environment and the few expensive belongings, she had brought along with her, she made a home in the bush.
When Mia was 18, she was unknown to the world. When she thought about her parent’s faces, she would cry to herself to sleep at night, on her hard bed. She thought that every single day would be the same, but she was wrong.
The next day would change Mia’s life forever, and that’s just what happened. At dawn, Ben, the town postman, got a letter from Mia’s parents. Ben looked up her bush address on the internet and discovered where she lived. But it took 5 hours to reach Mia’s house and he had to travel through the forest, where no one had ever entered before. Ben decided to take the envelope to the address on the weekend, when he had more time.
On Saturday, on the news, Mia was frozen and her heart began racing. The news-reporter announced that Ben the postman, had been travelling through the forest, to deliver a mysterious letter when a wolf blocked his track. The wolf was hungry so Ben had tried to run back but the wolf had him trapped. Ben had called for help. As he waited Ben had looked backwards to see if the wolf was still following him, but he had tripped on a tree root that was hidden and had fallen on the forest floor with a BANG! Ben’s right arm and leg were broken.
All Mia could think of was a question. ‘Was Ben trying to get to my house?’ Mia ran out of her house and ran to the find Ben.
When Mia arrived at the scene, she found loads of letters flying around her face and hair. Mia thought that she saw an envelope which was for her.
Mia’s sharp ears suddenly heard Ben’s voice, asking if anyone could deliver this envelope. Mia turned around just in time to see Ben hold up an envelope and hear her address being called out. Mia was confused. Didn’t she just see the envelope flying in the air? When Mia saw the envelope again and snatched it, she looked at the address. Mia giggled to herself. It wasn’t her address. Instead of the number 34, the number was 43.
After a short time of giggling, Mia finally remembered Ben’s question. She stopped giggling and turned to Ben. Without even thinking, Mia blurted out, “I’ll deliver the envelope for you!” “Really?” Ben said with a grateful smile.
“Thank you.” Mia blushed. That was the first time someone had said ‘thank you’ to her. Mia reached down to grab the envelope from Ben’s hand, and started to head back home.
When Mia arrived home, the first thing she did was open the envelope. Mia sat down near an expensive table and read the letter. When Mia was about half-way through the letter, tears started to form in her eyes. Mia read the bottom of the letter as the tears ran down her cheeks, as if they knew that there was a marathon of crying coming up. On the bottom of the letter, it said ’call this number if you need us. We’ll help you if we can.’ As if Mia was in a trance, she reached for the phone.
The next day, Mia woke up at 10:25am she had lots of things to do. Mia’s parents were now wealthy. They were wealthy enough to live comfortably, with their daughter. At 1:45 pm, Mia thought that she heard something land outside her house, but the forest was silent, so Mia thought she misheard.
Then all of a sudden, the doorbell rang! Mia ran to the door, opened it and standing there were her parents! They were wearing fancy clothes just like Mia and were beaming at her. Mia’s heart filled up with love, and before she knew it, her eyes were filled with tears again. But this time her tears were filled with joy.
Now people enter the forest regularly to visit Mia and to see her fancy clothes. They leave feeling happy and joyful inside their hearts. Mia’s parents had taught her an important lesson, ‘as long as you know you are cared for and loved, that’s all that matters in your life.’
The End.
Moral: Everyone will love and forgive you, no matter what

Developing Student Creativity through Narrative Writing

In writing this term, we are focussing on writing to entertain. Each student has been writing their own narrative. We hope to share many of their stories over the coming weeks. Here is a sample.
There once was a girl called Emily, who was 10 years old and lived in the countryside. She didn’t really have any friends. She had quite a boring life.
One day Emily’s mum, Michelle, told her to go and fetch a bucket of water. So she went to get a bucket of water. She was filling up the bucket when she saw something shining in the water but then her mother called and Emily got distracted by her call. She went back to give her mother the bucket of water.
The next day Emily went on a run around the area and all of a sudden it started to rain. All of the wet, sloppy mud was on her feet, so ran back home, meanwhile it had stopped raining. Emily went back to the lake to wash off all of the sloppy mud on her feet, and she saw something shining in the water,
What was it?…
Emily reached down to see what it was, “OMG” it was a tunnel in the water made out of solid gold. The tunnel looked like it lead somewhere, so Emily swam through the tunnel. She looked up and couldn’t believe her eyes. Was she still asleep? Is this real? But it was real. It was a land of Rainbows!
There were colors everywhere, every shade of every colour. There were slides, swings, pools and all things rainbow. Emily thought that this was much more colourful than back home.
There were a thousand questions on Emily’s mind like where am I? How did I get here?
Is this real? Is it my imagination?
So after exploring rainbow land she followed her footsteps and went back home. She told her family about Rainbow Land, but of course they didn’t believe her.
Emily kept on visiting the mysterious Rainbow land. She really loved exploring the land. The trees were orange and purple, there were beautiful bluebirds singing their tunes. The Aqua sun was always shining brightly; the lakes were rainbow patterned and very sparkly. Emily always felt happy and the land had made her life much more colourful.
The next day Emily was about to go to rainbow land when she saw another tunnel on the other side of the lake. She couldn’t help it she had to go in…
She crept slowly through the tunnel but this time it was brown and rusty. She slowly looked up and it was not what she expected in fact a lot worse!
This land was dark and depressing. As soon as Emily got there she knew that it was the land of villains. This was not like rainbow land at all. The trees were dead and black. Spiders covered the ground and bats and rats were all around. Emily heard something move and then she heard a loud bang. Emily was so frightened that she didn’t stay for long.
Emily crawled out of the tunnel as fast as she could and went back into the bright and happy rainbow land. When all of a sudden she heard loud marching…
So Emily tried to block off the entrance of rainbow land. But the army of villains was too strong. Emily tried to run and hide behind a tree and hoped that they wouldn’t find her. But her jeans got caught on a twig. Her heart was racing so fast, and she was panicking. Luckily she had made it behind the tree, but the unfortunate part was that her jeans had a big rip near her ankle.
The villains were in rainbow land, They were destroying rainbow land. Emily couldn’t bare to watch this, so while they were behind her she made a run for it, and left rainbow land. While she ran back to the tunnel she saw a switch so she clicked it, thinking it was the lights. And then she ran out. As she crawled out of the tunnel, she couldn’t believe her eyes.
Emily was so shocked to see that rainbow land had come to EARTH!
Emily’s house was bright pink with blue polka dots. The sky was yellow and the grass was light blue and light pink. Emily felt so happy.
She quickly ran over to see her parents and they were frozen (not actually frozen) …..they were so surprised. Emily then realized that the switch she had flicked was to turn rainbow land on in the world.
Emily was so happy. And from then on Emily had a magical, bright, happy, colourful and beautiful life.
The End!

By working together, with everyone contributing what they can, a greater good is achieved!

Today in Literacy we read the tale of Stone Soup. It is a wonderful story about making soup but how working together great things can happen.
As a follow up activity one of the Literacy tasks was to use play-doh to make your own bowl and ingredients, used in the Stone Soup recipe. To my surprise at the end of the lesson when the Creative group, reported back, they had not each made their own bowl of stone soup but they put all their creations together and made one big bowl of Stone Soup.
They were extremely proud of what they had done. I just love when the Moral of the Story is enacted within the students own work.
It also leads in perfectly to our Whole Class action on Wednesday, as we prepare to Make Lunch for our local senior Citizens. Here is an online copy for you to enjoy.