Visiting Author and Illustrator

To add to the celebrations during book week we welcomed author and illustrator Andrew Plant to our school. We were delighted to hear the story of how he started his career as a Science student, but he soon realised that he enjoyed drawing animals more than researching them. He soon became a well known illustrator for many children’s books until he also turned his skills and imagination into creating his own stories.

He read his best seller “The Poppy” to us. It was wonderful to hear the background of the story and all about his time living in France.

We were then given some tips on how to improve our own stories and illustrations. It was a wonderful opportunity for us all to learn more about literature and develop our own skills.

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‘Books Light up our World’

This week we are celebrating Book Week. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn about new literature, discover new authors and read the winning books from week Australia.

Today we dressed up as characters from Literature and had a Parade with the whole school. There was a sea of colour as the amazing characters paraded by from each class.DSCN3218

Our Library Leaders led the parade, inviting and welcoming each class to the stage area.

Our favourite Book Week books have been, ‘Pig the Pug’, ‘The Stone Lion’ and ‘The Two Blankets.’

Happy Book Week everyone!

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Passionate Class Discussions

I have set my self the goal of promoting Student Voice, within my class. I want to give students the opportunity to share their ideas, to listen to each other and build confidence in discussions. I also want to give every student the chance to speak, to show that all opinions and ideas are valued.
Today we began to share our ideas within 1 minute time frames, speed chatting, with 3 different people. The topic was ‘How do we promote a Cleaner and Greener Australia.’ The students had to put forward an argument that they were passionate about. The buzz between the pairs and passion in the discussions was fabulous.
After the speed chatting we moved into a circle with the whole class. Every student was invited randomly to share the ideas.
The level of engagement was fantastic. I was careful to include every student and model good listening with eye contact, empathy and encouragement. Even the quieter students were brought into the discussion with cold calling. There was no waiting for hands to go up. Ideas that were achievable were recorded so that action could be taken.
It was a valuable lesson, which not only gave every student an opportunity to be heard but also a chance to share their knowledge and learning from this terms inquiry.
I will be incorporating the speed chatting and whole class discussions more regularly into my planning.


Some student ideas for taking action to promote a Cleaner and Greener Australia:
* write letters to the government to promote renewable energy
* reduce costs of solar panels to encourage everyone to use them
* set up connections with Coles Supermarkets and take-away venues to recycle plastic bags
* sign petitions for renewable energy use and limiting the use of coal
* using rubbish dumps for the methane gas to power electricity plants
* recycling, reducing and reusing old things

Concrete Poetry

Today Luke and Jon taught us all about a concrete poem. A concrete poem takes on the shape of the topic of the poem. It is like a free verse and does not have to rhyme.
It was fun making poems in a shape. It’s always terrific learning from our peers.







Concrete Poetry

Students teaching each other Poetry

Today was the beginning of a series of lessons planned and run by the students, to teach each other different styles of poetry.
Amber and Rylee chose to learn about Limericks. They made a presentation and then taught the class how to write one also.


I really enjoyed learning about poetry from my friends. Limericks are great because they have humour and they follow a pattern.
It was fun hearing each others limericks. It is a great way to learn having our class mates present the lesson.

The fat cat
There once was a girl who had a cat
The fat cat loved to sit on the mat
The cat wanted to fly
But it couldn’t go high
The fat cat just played with the grey rat.

Raining Chocolate by Amelia

As the chocolate falls from the sky
I stand beneath with my mouth open wide
Sprinkling like a shower
I dance through the flowers
From my head down to my toes it slides.

Villers-Bretonneux, Don’t Forget Australia

do not forget
After sharing the book “Do not Forget Australia” by authors Sally Murphy and Sonia Kretschmar, I was able to share my story of a recent visit to Villers-Bretonneux. It is a beautiful village in the North of France, that has rebuilt since the World War 1. There are signs all around the village, that show the friendship and gratitude of the French towards the Australians, who helped defend and then rebuild this town.
The story book is about two boys in 1918 and how their lives were affected by the war.
france australia school

With our recent learning around Social Justice issues it shows our students what can be achieved when someone helps, even in a small way. We can all make a difference. It may begin with raising awareness about issues or fundraising for a cause, which can lead to building schools, hope and successful futures for others.

Tuesdays – Literacy Shed is inspiring our Writing

The Flying Dog
One splendid day, a dog was walking to school, as a happy feeling came his way.
He started flying, he couldn’t stop, until he heard a little ‘pop!’
He looked at a cat chasing a little rat.
The dog chased the cat with all his might. He was just too far off to take a bite.
He realised he was chasing the cat, who was chasing a rat,
who was chasing a mouse that was chasing a louse,
which was chasing the hair on a bear.
They ran up and down the garden path, until the dog ran to his house for a bath.
The next day, the dog set off for school, as a grumpy feeling came his way.
His feet started stomping, his hands started punching,
His teeth began grinding and chomping.
Then half way to school the happy feeling came his way.
He started to fly and ignored the long line in the carpark.
Then home from school he ran 600 laps
before starting to polish his baseball caps.
by Mairead

Thoughts of a flying frog
“Hello there, you’re getting smaller. No I’m getting taller. I knew this lilypad would fly one day. Up, up and away like Buzz Lightyear. Birds, hopefully I can say hello. Woah! I just flipped upside down. Don’t fly away birds. Oh well I am still flying. What is the time? I can’t read and it’s getting cold. Any clothes? Yeah, I am superman. Just kidding. I wanna’ watch television. I dont like this channel, or this one. Let’s leave.”
Early the next day…
“Yawn. Good morning. Let’s go flying again. I love it when the sun comes up as it always keeps me warm. I wonder how much longer I will be able to flyyyyy…..ooof!
I think that answered my question. I am falling to the ground. I can’t fly anymore. Let’s hope that I can fly again next Tuesday.
Wait…what’s that? Flying pigs! They have my power and my fame.”
by Carley

I was at home last Tuesday night and it was around 8:00pm when I strated getting hungry. I had made myself a peanut butter sandwich and had taken about five bites. I looked to my left and the funniest thing happened. At first I thought that I was hallucinating but then I looked again and saw big, shiny, green frogs flying outside my window. Each one was sitting on a round green lilypad. I thought that I must be crazy. I swear one of the frogs waved at me. I think I had too much peanut butter so I went upstairs to bed and hoped that I would feel better in the morning.
The day I woke up but I still had that funny feeling inside about what I had seen the night before. I decided to go to the police station to investigate.
Off I went in my robe and slippers. Once I arrived there I told a police officer my story and surprisingly there had been others reports as well. I was glad that I was not going crazy.
The police officers did not want to investigate further as they had bigger problems. I was really annoyed. Next Tuesday, I will go and investigate!
by Siobhon

Scary Ghost Stories

Today we visited the Literacy Shed to inspire some creative writing. The students chose to visit The Ghostly Shed
I was nervous but excited as they shared their stories. In the end there were screams of horror. Their imaginations had run wild…..

The graveyard was dark and clouded. It was silent and haunted. I started speed walking, faster and faster. I had run into the cemetery as a shortcut. That was the biggest mistake I had ever made. Suddenly I heard, ‘Lucy, Lucy, Lucy’ echoing. My name was echoing over and over, again and again. I started running. I heard rustling. It was getting louder and louder, closer and closer. I couldn’t get out of that place fast enough. I was sprinting. I finally found the exit. IT WAS LOCKED! What would I do now? Something was right behind me. I could feel it’s presence. It grabbed me. AHHHH!……………………………….DEATH!
Hannah P.

“Edith. Are you coming or not!!” She pulled on her shoes. “Fine mum. We see Chopie’s grave every week. Why do we have to see it again??”
Edith’s mum yelled loudly but calmly, as Edith was imitating her, for she already new the response. “He is one of the greatest composers in this world. First you need to learn about great musicians and then you will learn how to play the piano. You will also learn that there are no such things as ghosts!”
Edith knew that there were ghosts and she was going to prove it.
Finally, they arrived at the graveyard.
“Mum. Where are you? Mum??” Edith couldn’t find her anywhere. She felt some wind blowing through her hair. Then a sharp pain rushed through her heart. Edith, was dead.

As I went to sleep that night there was a dark breeze blowing on my face. The next thing I remember was that I was walking slowly through a dark cemetery. I was not afraid but deeply entranced. I looked at my watch. It was 12:00 AM, in the year 2012. A gust of wind blew the red poppies from someone’s grave. I put them back on but wait that’s my name, my birth date, my grave….but how?
I looked at my watch. It was still 12:00 AM but the year was 3014!
Am I dead? I looked over to my right and I saw my mother’s grave. It read “died in grief after terrible loss of daughter Lizzy Dixon.” Sadly I never woke up from that nightmare.
Now I live in complete silence!

In the misty coldness of a winter’s night, Old Man Flinn Canderson, walked through the graves. He was a horrible looking man with yellow fingers and a rotten body. His face was pale and had started to rot. Pieces of skin fell from his face and his back. He had blood dripping down from where he had been shot dead.
He was a murderer in his day, so when they put him in his coffin they put chains around him. So each time he walked, you could hear the sounds of chains clanging and his moaning, as he held onto his back. He made sure that the cemetary was a place that noone approached willingly.
Jess S