Taking Action – News Report to help protect minibeasts

We have worked together in teams to produce an exciting SL News Update on what we can all do to help protect these important creatures.
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Oliver Worked with a Team of Singers and Songwriters. We experimented with Garage Band to produce this awesome song about Protecting Spiders. Enjoy!
Oliver”s Spider song (mp3)
A Giant Red Back Spider

Making ToonDoos to show what we know about minibeasts lifecycles

We have been using ToonDoos and thought that it would be a great way to show some of the things that we have learnt about insects and minibeasts.
Enjoy our Toons!!
Water boatman

rosie butterfly


Discovering Habitats at Wandinong Sanctuary

scorpionA witchety grubCentipedeOn Wednesday we visited a local sanctuary full of native flora and fauna to find out what makes a healthy habitat for minibeasts. We were delighted to discover many and varied minibeasts living in these natural surrounds.
We saw
* scorpions
* bull ants
* cicada shells
* giant grubs
* many spiders
* caterpillars
* butterflies
* dragonflies and more….DSCN0151DSCN0119

Skyping with USA for Reading

Today we were lucky enough to have Joanne Kaminski, a skype reading Tutor from USA, read to us about Creeping Crawlers. She read to us about many different insects. She told us about her favourite insect, the Lightning Bug and we told her about the Australian Christmas Beetle. It was certainly a wonderful learning experience, across the Pacific Ocean.Video call snapshot of Joanne KaminskiGoogle map of where we live compared to JoanneCover shot of the book "Creeping Crawlers"