Designers and Innovators

This term our learning culminated in a Design and Innovation Personal Learning Task. The students reflected on their own learning.
I learnt that it is not all about the prototype but you have to put a lot more time into the design process than the actual model itself. There are many steps before making the model like defining, investigating, planning, imagining, designing, creating and producing, testing, analysing and evaluating.
I think this task was fun and creative. I learnt how to build a new product that will help in our everyday life.
I never knew how hard the design process was but I really enjoyed following the eight steps of the process. The hardest part was testing my product to see if it would work. My favourite part was the imagining because you can let out all of your ideas.
Over the past few weeks I have learnt new skills including easier ways to do things. I am very proud with what I have created. It works and will be very useful.
I found this topic to be an awesome learning experience. Having the design process booklet has helped me to understand what I need to do and things to consider. I’ve learnt the importance of planning my work and imagining a finished product.
It was really exciting making an invention and using the steps that scientists use. As I planned my box, I thought about adding wheels and making it bigger so it turned into the sky high box. It was a smart idea making a prototype and probably the best project I have ever done.
I think I did a really good job even though it was a bit hard. I think that I put it together well. Next time I would make it differently but it was a really fun task and I enjoyed doing it.

Designing and inventing from vgridley on Vimeo.

I enjoyed doing this personal learning task because it fixed a real life problem. It has inspired me to to do other inventions when I find another problem. The design process really helped and without it, I would not have achieved this standard of work.
I have learnt a great deal about using the design process and planning out my own work. I loved the idea that we had to make inventions. I have enjoyed seeing other people’s creative inventions and ideas during the term.
This project was great and I really enjoyed learning the design process. I have discovered other products like mine. It made me think about the steps of the design process and it expanded my imagination and creativity skills. I felt like a real inventor.
I really enjoyed this inquiry topic because it was so different to anything else that we have done. I now know about the design process and it has been an amazing learning experience. I was proud of myself because I believed in myself and tried to think outside of the box.