Grand Parents Day

What a fantastic day we had when all of our Grand Parents and special friends came to visit. As we have been learning about What life was like in the past, it was a great opportunity to share our stories and life in the olden days. Our Grandparents brought in old photos to share. We showed them all around our classroom, our special work and computer skills. They were amazed at how much has changed. They enjoyed playing on the interactive whiteboard. Our grandparents shared stories about olden day schools, the milkman, the punishments, the games and the mischief they got up to with friends. It was an invaluable shared learning experience for us all.

Playing Olden Day Games

Over the past couple of weeks we have been researching the different games that children played at school in the olden days.
We asked our parents, teachers and grandparents. We also researched on the internet.
We discovered that children around the world have many games that are the same, some are similar and some are different. Many of the games are still played today. We enjoyed trying new games like “Oranges and Lemons” ” Drop the hanky” and the Hand clapping rhymes. We hope that you learn something from our Voicethread and please add some comments.

Newspaper Art to create Olden Day Pictures

Today, at the end of a long week, we explored our creativity by using newspaper to capture some of the images that we have been researching, to learn more about the past. We have been focussing on olden day schools. transport and pastimes.
The students have a particular interest in horse and carts and the games children used to play.
We used newspaper to give our art that old black and white effect.

Newspaper Art on PhotoPeach

Newspaper Art on PhotoPeach