The Circulatory System

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Today a guest speaker, Lydia, from Monash came in to speak to us about her job as a Scientist and facts about the circulatory System. I learnt many new things about the heart. The boom boom sounds from your heart actually comes from the valves pumping the blood not the heart itself.

I learnt where the blood travels through the body from the heart to the lungs, around the body, back to your lungs then back to your heart. It takes 28 seconds to pump blood around your entire body.

You can listen to your heart through a stethoscope. WE got to touch a heart, lungs and a liver. Each organ had a very different texture.
Some other facts I discovered were:

  • we have red and white blood cells
  • we have platelets that make our blood clot
  • blood travels along arteries and veins and capillaries
  • our blood carries oxygen from our lungs around our body
  • the watery liquid in blood is plasma
  • more women die from heart disease than cancer