Health Expo

Health Expo on PhotoPeach
Yesterday on the 24th June the Seniors presented all of their hard work on a part of the body. My presentation was on the eyes. I had been learning about the eyes over the past 3 weeks. Everyone put in a lot of hard work bringing in props from home or even going to the butcher to get a body part. Overall I had an awesome time and I hope that all the other students learnt something too.

I really enjoyed the Health Expo. It was fun to be able to teach the other students in the school about the body systems and organs. The other students asked challenging questions and they were really tuned in.

This term we had a health expo. It was fun as we presented lots of posters and some students brought in animal organs to touch and explain body organs. My research was on the heart. It is an involuntary muscle, meaning that it works by itself and it will never stop pumping until you die.

I feel that sharing all of our information with the whole school about the human body so that they can tell their friends and family also. What was even better is learning from each other.

It is important to keep our bodies healthy. It was great to learn about different parts of the body and to share it with the whole school. It helped me to understand the importance of a healthy body.

I enjoyed having the Health Expo because I had the chance to find out what other students had learnt about. I enjoyed learning about the ear and giving people hearing tests.

I enjoyed doing the Health Expo because everyone’s research was all set up in the Discovery Centre. There were many different models and body parts. I also made a model of an eye out of playdough.

Madeleine M.
I like doing the Expo in the Discovery Centre because parents, teachers and other students came in for a look and learned about the body systems. We could share what we had discovered. I researched the muscles and found out that the average human has over 670 muscles.

I thought that the Health Expo was a great experience to learn all about the Lungs. I learnt that the lungs can hold up to 2.5 litres of air which is enough to blow up a whole balloon.

I learnt that your brain needs mental and physical exercise. I also learnt that when you sleep it boosts your brain power and you are able to remember things that happened in your past. I loved other people’s presentations and how they brought in things to do like puzzles and challenges. Some people brought in fruit and vegetables for healthy eating. Everything went really well and I enjoyed it.