Learning from Experts

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As we are studying the various body systems and how to keep them healthy we have been inviting in experts to help us with our learning.

Jacqui Johnson is studying Naturopothy and came in to tell us about eating a healthy diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables, water and meat. She gave examples of packaged and processed food, demonstrating the amount of sugar and artificial additives.

Children should have the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar and adults should have the equivalent of 15 teaspoons. All fruits and vegetables, milk products and cereals, contain natural sugars so we should not be consuming additional sugar in soft drinks, juices and lollies.

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Our next expert was Tom Perkins.

He is a Myotherapist. He works on pressure points on muscles, using massage techniques.

He treats many clients with pulled or torn muscles, who overexercise or do not warm up properly before exercise.

He taught us about eating healthy foods to build and maintain strong muscles.


He also works at the Collingwood football club so he gave us some of the tips that footballers use to protect their muscles, like ice baths after a game!



Finally we had Jo Kennedy, a teacher for the hearing impaired, come in to speak to us about caring for our ears.

At first she did not speak at all, but used sign language and facial expressions to communicate with us.

She had students role model the parts of the ear and how they all function together when they are healthy and when they are infected. It was a great way to learn about the workings of the inner ear.

Jo also told us never to use cotton buds to stick inside our ears. It can be dangerous and the wax is in there for a reason, to keep dirt out and keep the ear clean.


Jo Kennedy- caring for ears DSCN1628 IMG_0084 IMG_0086

Richmond football players visit

The Better Buddies program is supported by Richmond, an Aussie Rules Football team. Today we were visited by two of their players, Brett O’Hanlon and Cadeyn Williams.
They shared their stories from playing as kids to the excitement of playing at the senior level.
They told us about the importance of looking after team mates, training hard and eating a healthy diet.
We were inspired to be Better Buddies towards our class mates and work hard to follow our dreams.