Sovereign Hill Ballarat

I really enjoyed our visit to Sovereign especially seeing people dressed as they had during the 1800’s and acting as those characters. I also enjoyed bowling at the alley in the old fashioned way.
I loved seeing the goldsmith melt the gold, pour it into the mould and see it burn. The gold turned solid in a matter of seconds then cooled when it was placed in the water. I loved all of the shops especially the lolly shop and the candle shop. I also liked the red hill mine tour and seeing the huge gold nugget in the safe at the end. I discovered that gold is found in quartz and then crushed and separated. It is then melted into the bricks.
Overall the experience was really educational and fun. The gold rush was discovered in Ballarat in 1851. The rush was on in the mid 1850’s and the Gold Mining town in Sovereign Hill is set up to replicate life amongst the gold miners and their families.
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We had a whole day of fun, or a party in a jar, on our huge adventure to Sovereign Hill. It was an early start but on the bus I heard lots of laughter, squeals of excitement and snoring. When we walked through the gate it was like stepping back in time to 1851. The printing shop made posters. I ordered a Poster that read ‘Wanted 50 pounds for Carmen. I loved how they made the poster with the ink and type set letters in the printing press. There were two charming men sitting on a bench and singing lots of songs. They asked someone to sit down next to them, so I did. It was fun listening to their beautiful voices.

What a fun filled day we had at Sovereign Hill. It was an amazing experience that will never be forgotten. It felt like I went back in time to the 1850’s because all the people there are in character and the shops are very realistic. Adding to the adventure at Sovereign Hill we went on an underground mine tour to explore what the conditions were like for the miners. I am sure that everyone would agree that gold mining would have been very scary.

On the 6th of August everyone woke up very early to be at school at 7:15am. The trip to Sovereign Hill took over 2 hours. The trip was fun because we were singing altogether and doing the Mexican wave down the bus. I really loved the Blacksmiths shop because there were a lot of mechanical things in there. I enjoyed all of the moving parts of the machines. We met a character from the 1850’s named Rob. He was pretending to rob the bank. He was very funny.

At Sovereign Hill I discovered that in 1850 there was bowling. I couldn’t believe it. It was a little different though to our modern day bowling. The skittles were large and wooden. The ball was also wooden and very heavy. You needed to use two hands to roll the bowling ball. It was great fun.

At Sovereign Hill I had a great time. It really felt like I travelled back in time to the 1850’s. Things that enhanced the old fashioned feel were the horse drawn carts, addressing people as “Mam” and “Sir”, the old fashioned shops including a real printing press, no modern technology and the many dressed up characters.

On Tuesday August 6th we all travelled on the bus to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. It was amazing. We went to learn about history. In the 1850’s there was a Goldrush in Australia. There was a huge rush for gold and many gold nuggets were found. We were able to pan for gold and many of us found tiny gold pieces. When the miners found gold they used to take it to the bank to be weighed and sold. We saw many old fashioned shops yesterday. One was a lolly shop which sold raspberry drops, buttercups, freckles and little umbrellas.
We also went to the Gold Pouring at the smelter. The goldsmith would pour the gold, which had been melted at 1200 degrees, into a mould. He then took it out and it was a solid block. He put it in water to cool it down. I had a fantastic day.