Scarecrows in the Vegie Patch

Today our environment Team organised a scarecrow making day. It was a magnificent Spring day in Melbourne. As the sun shone through the budding oak trees, in our school garden, we worked together to create three scarecrows. We used recycled materials. The frame was nailed together and the hammering continued as we attached bottle tops to empty pots, to create the heads. The bodies were dressed in a variety of pre loved clothes. Carefully they were dug into position and are now proudly overlooking the vegie patch.
What a fabulous day of collaborating and helping each other in the garden. For some students it was their first time using a hammer and nails. It was a great learning experience.
We owe a BIG thanks to Ms Scott and The Environment Team for their wonderful organisation and assistance.

Our Visit to St Thomas’s Sustainable Garden

Today was a fantastic learning experience for us as we travelled to a nearby school to check out their amazing garden. It was created by the parents at St Thomas School in Blackburn and is in the back yard of an adjoining house to the school.
Just have a look at what is growing in their garden!
Our Visit to St. Thomas’s Sustainable Garden on PhotoPeach

We discovered
– that you can keep chickens at school and collect their eggs
– how they care for plants
– how to grow many different plants
– many different salad vegetables
– composting in the garden
– espaliering fruit trees
– the different sizes and colours of chicken eggs
– carrots can be purple and many other colours too
– you can eat certain flower petals like nasturtiums
– new recipes like pumpkin fritters, cheese and chive scones and salad rice paper rolls
Thankyou to the Sustainable School captains who shared their knowledge and experiences of gardening with us.
It’s great to grow vegetables at school and at home!