Mr Steele




We are very grateful for the opportunity to have Mr Steele work with our class over the past 3 weeks. It has been wonderful sharing his enthusiasm and exciting new ideas. He taught us all about triangles, polygons and fractions. He shared many great videos about environmental issues and even taught us some new games in sport. It was great having him here to help with our learning.

Fun Maths-Making Mocktails

Ruby-Today I learnt about ratio. It is the comparitive value of 2 or more amounts. I learnt this by making a delicious mocktail. I combined mango banana with peach syrup in a 3:1 ratio.
Helen-Ratio links to fractions. I made a mocktail of mango and tropical juice using a ratio of 2:1. It tasted great and I now understand what ratio is.
Carley-I learnt that you can write a ratio in two ways. It can be a part to part like 3:1 or part to whole where 1:6 is 1/6. My mocktail was lime and orange.
Maddie- I learnt that a ratio can be comparing or combining different parts. My mocktail was pommegranite and strawberry. My ratio was 1.5:2.5.
Amy-I learnt that a ratio is a measurement that can be used to compare things. I made a tropical and orange mocktail, using a 1:3 ratio. Maths was fun today and it is easy to learn when you are drinking yummy mocktails.