Celebrating Numeracy Week with Footy Maths

Footy Fever is in the air. The finals for Aussie Rules Football are only a week away so to add to the fun of Numeracy Week we dressed in our favourite footy team colours and celebrated Footy Day.

Footy Maths DSCN3281 DSCN3282

We practiced our footy skills and our maths skills. For each Goal scored you earn 6 points and for a behind you score 1 point. We used a pair of dice and challenged someone from an opposing team. We played 4 quarters and calculated our scores. It was a great way to revise our 6 times tables. DSCN3283

After we had played one another we then scored on a ladder for each team. It was a fun maths lesson!DSCN3285 DSCN3279


TEAMS                GOALS        BEHINDS       TOTAL

RICHMOND             31                30                216

COLLINGWOOD     25                30                180

CARLTON                 17                19                 121

HAWTHORN            36                12                 228

GEELONG                32                16                 208

NORTH MELB.        20                34                 154

SYDNEY SWANS    29                17                  191

BULLDOGS              33                22                 220


Fathers’ Day Breakfast and Footy day

This morning the Dad’s came to join us for the Fathers’ Day breakfast at school to have a sausage sizzle and hot coffee. We [the kids] mostly played and ate but then we had the raffle. I love the Father’s day breakfast. It’s great that the Dads get to come to school so they can see what is going on.


Footy Day was fun because of the variety of activities that we participated in and I enjoyed them a lt. The longest kick was a challenge but it was great.



Georgia and Hannah
Today was super good fun. The Dads joined us for breakfast and then we had AFL Football activities during the day. The variety of activities were fun.

The footy day activities were really fun and I especially enjoyed the Specky Magee activity. That was where you ran and dived onto the high jump mat and marked the ball.


One of my favourite parts of the day was meeting Darren Jolly, who plays for Collingwood. I got his autograph on my football jumper. I loved dressing up in our favourite teams colours.
Specky Magee


I am a Sports leader at our school and today we got to run Footy Day. I helped to organise the activities which included longest kick, Specky Magee, handball competition footy relays. I thought that everyone behaved well throughout the activities and demonstrated great skills.

Darren Jolly

Footy Day

Every year, at the end of the Australian Rules Football season, we dress up in our favourite footy clothes for a fun day at school. The last Friday of the season, before the finals begin, also coincides with Father’s Day, so we all arrive at school really early to share breakfast with our Dads.
The teachers get to school even earlier to cook all the bacon, sausages and tomatoes for us to eat. It is a great celebration to share with our Dads.
In the afternoon we all participated in a variety of footy clinics. We practiced handballing, long kicks, running and bouncing and marking the ball.
It was a fabulous day!

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