Live Below the Line

Watching the news story about Living below the Line I felt sad that so many people are living on only $2 a day. I feel that we should all help more than we should. I think that everyone should try spending less on food so that we can donate more. It would be great to educate people to grow fresh food and support themselves more. Everyone could help to end extreme poverty.
Could you live on $2 a day?

If we could interview Carl, the reporter we would ask him:

  • How did you feel as you were going through the ‘Live below the line’ challenge?
  • What was the hardest part about the challenge?
  • How did it differ from what you were expecting?
  • Would you do it again?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • What has this made you think about poverty?

Junior master chefs out in force in Blackburn

The Whitehorse leader newspaper article

This is the article that appeared in our local newspaper


JUNIOR MasterChefs were out in force at Blackburn South’s St Luke the Evangelist Primary School last week.

An ongoing experiment which began at the start of term 2 ended with a community luncheon for parents and friends of the school.

Deputy Principal Julie David said the school was committed to providing students with healthy eating options and was determined to showcase good foods.

“This investigation began at the end of term 2 with the classes creating their own worm farms,” she said.

“The aim of making these worm farms was to produce fertiliser for our school vegetable patch so we would have healthy produce for this term’s inquiry. This term one of our mums came in to share her knowledge of food and healthy eating.

“We created healthy meals to share at home using at least one of the vegetables that are growing in our vegetable patch at school.”

Sensational Seniors Luncheon

Today was the culmination of our Term of Learning. We have discovered many new things about Healthy food, planning and creating great meals to share and why we need nutrients from fresh healthy food for our bodies.
The whole junior level created the menus, decorations, food and entertainment to share with over 40 senior citizens from our community. It was a fantastic day for us all!

Chefs come to visit and share their Skills



It has been wonderful having different Chefs (our Mums) come and visit us at school to teach us more about cooking.
We now know about cleaning and preparing food. We know there are many safety rules to follow.
The best part is that we get to taste so many new and unusual foods.
We have tatsed Fennel salad with Blood oranges and Crunchy Asian salad with chinese cabbage, pine nuts and noodles.
We are so lucky to be learning from these experts.

Local Shop Keepers enhancing our Learning

What a wonderful day we had as we walked the 2 kilometers through the back streets of Forest Hill, to make our way to the Fresh Food Market.
The Butchers at Denches were very entertaining as they led us through their Huge Refrigerator and into the cutting room.
The Fishmongers came out to share all their knowledge on eating and prepapring Fish, while supplying us with a delicious tasting platter.
The Baker shared freshly baked rolls with us all as we smelt the delights of the many interesting loaves and explored their kitchen.
Khoi at the Asian Grocers was fascinating as he explained the unique flavours and vegetables used in Asian cooking.
What a fantastic learning experience!

Our Visit to St Thomas’s Sustainable Garden

Today was a fantastic learning experience for us as we travelled to a nearby school to check out their amazing garden. It was created by the parents at St Thomas School in Blackburn and is in the back yard of an adjoining house to the school.
Just have a look at what is growing in their garden!
Our Visit to St. Thomas’s Sustainable Garden on PhotoPeach

We discovered
– that you can keep chickens at school and collect their eggs
– how they care for plants
– how to grow many different plants
– many different salad vegetables
– composting in the garden
– espaliering fruit trees
– the different sizes and colours of chicken eggs
– carrots can be purple and many other colours too
– you can eat certain flower petals like nasturtiums
– new recipes like pumpkin fritters, cheese and chive scones and salad rice paper rolls
Thankyou to the Sustainable School captains who shared their knowledge and experiences of gardening with us.
It’s great to grow vegetables at school and at home!