Pyjama Day

Today was Pyjama Day at school and everyone arrived dressed in their pyjamas. At school we also shared breakfast which was scrumptious strawberry jam toast. It was very funny seeing everyone looking like they just got out of bed but we do it for a very good cause.
We all make a donation to the Melbourne City Mission to raise awareness and money for the Homeless people. Many people around Melbourne are homeless.
This can be caused by family breakdowns, loss of jobs, physical verbal or mental abuse. It is difficult for us to imagine what life on the streets would be like. We hope that our small action today will help to make a difference in someone’s life.

Back to Olden Days School

This week we had a celebration of Learning. We have made so many new discoveries about Life in the Past so we decided to Dress up for the olden days. It was so much fun seeing all the old clothes. We worked at the old desk and shared all the things we now know about the past.
Our new learnings are:
* Life in the past was much harder than today
* With new technology we now have machines that make life easier
* The stories of our Grandparents childhoods help us to appreciate how much easier life is today
* Our grandparents worked hard to help us have a better life
* Life in the past was simpler and slower
* Children in the olden days had more freedom to play and go on adventures
* Understanding our history is an important part of our own story

Italian Day

From One Big Production to another!!
At school we have weekly lessons in Italian. We learn the language and all about their culture. Once a year we have a special day to share and celebrate our learning. This years Italian day was based on an Ancient Roman Theme.
We all dressed in Togas or other Italian attire, we played soccer, ate pizza and gelato and did Italian Craft activities throughout the day. We were also entertained by some Italian performers who were hilarious. We Love italian Day!!