Dare to Dream in 2013

This year Mrs Gridley is challenging us to “Dare to Dream.”
We must all think of what we can do to achieve our best. We are setting goals for the year to help us strive to reach for higher standards to fulfill our potential.

Wordle: Dare to Dream

These are our goals:
James- I would like to develop my student blog to attract more viewers and get lots of comments. I would like to nominate myself as a school Sports Captain.
Carmen- I would like to improve in all subjects especially to develop my writing skills. I hope to be a good leader and role model for the school and be a great buddy for my Prep friend.
Yianni- I hope to get better at sport and try out for Student Representative Council.
Gemma- I hope to get better at handwriting. I want to improve my division and multiplication skills in maths.
Georgia- My goal is to put up my hand more often to join in class discussions and to gain more knowledge about everything.
Hailey- I want to get better at fractions and division in maths. I want to be a good leader and be a great role model for the younger students.
Laura- I hope that I can memorise my times tables and improve in Netball and other sports.
Vanessa- I hope to set a good example for my buddy, improve in division skills and be a great leader for the younger grades. I hope to nominate myself for Sports Captain, Social Justice or Library Leader. I would like to deepen my knowledge for Inquiry Learning.
Siobhon- I hope to make a difference in the social Justice Team. I will set a good example for my Prep Buddy and I want to make the Posts on my Personal Blog more descriptive and interesting. I will try hard to be the Sports Captain.
Holly- I will try to be a Sports Captain. I will always be there for my Prep Buddy. I will be a good leader for the younger students and I will improve in m y Division skills.
Madeline- I will try to read bigger books and improve my handwriting. In Maths I will work hard to improve my subtraction and addition. I would like to be a good leader and work in the Library Team.
Braden- I would like to develop a Maths and Science Computer Game. I hope to win a basketball award. I will improve my Division skills.
Tim- I hope to develop my blogging skills to get over 1000 viewers. I will improve my division skills. I will work towards developing my technology skills.
Nicholas- I want to help the Environment and kepp our school tidy. I hope to make the Library a better place and work with the Library Team.
Corinne- I want to get organised and plan my Homework carefully. I want to work with the Social Justice Team. I will improve in my Cross Country skills and make new friends.
Mark- I want to develop my Science and Technology skills. I will work harder in Sport and I hope to develop my reading and writing skills.
Chloe- I want to improve my Division skills in Maths. I hope to play in WNBL one day so I will work on my basketball skills like fitness, strength and shooting. I want to improve my oral presentation skills, using a clear confident voice and and eye contact. I will go for Sports Leader to share my skills and I hope to learn a lot in Scince Inquiry Learning.
Hannah- This year I hope to join sporting groups and nominate myself a s Sport Leader. I want to be a great role model to my Prep Buddy. I will improve my handwriting skills.

We all know that this will be Fantatsic Year and will work hard to make our Dreams happen.