Delightful Decimals




Learning about Fractions and Decimals is a very difficult concept to learn but suppported by a range of resources, including games, matching cards and magnetic fraction walls and shapes, it certainly becomes a whole lot more meaningful.
Many of our students are visual learners so it is important to remember to provide a range of materials to assist all styles of learning.
Feedback from the students after using these games and puzzles helps to support all aspects of understanding a fraction and decimal.

Spectacular Decimals

In the words of Holly we have had some ‘quirky learning’ this week about Decimals. There were many “AAHHH” Moments as Decimals began to make sense this week.
We have learnt to make, compare, order, add, subtract and multiply decimals.
We used our Money to help us understand how and when we use decimals in real life and we have also used various Youtube videos to enhance our learning and understanding.

I have learnt that decimal numbers are greater than zero but less than one. 0 – 1
If you multiply decimals the number will be lower but if you divide a decimal by a decimal the number will increase.

I learnt that decimals are related to fractions. They are the tenths, hundredths and thousandths. I can use decimals with money. I can add, subtract and multiply decimals.