Magnificent Mapping in Maths





This week we have been learning heaps on mapping because it connects to our inquiry topic as well. The things I will be telling you about will be us making mazes, treasure maps, Cartesian graphs, shortest routes, aboriginal mapping, political maps and geographical maps.

First of all we did country mapping where we found a country in partners and learnt about it. Bridie and I found a country called Poland and we discovered a sea near it that is the Baltic sea. We found out the that the capital is Warsaw and we also did a map on it.

We also learnt about aboriginal maps and some of the symbols were meandering lines also meant the journey of our ancestors and a tale track meant the journey or path of and animal. We watched a video of a man drawing a story about a possum.

Another thing we did was a Cartesian graph quiz and the quickest route from Ballarat to Blackburn south and that was one hour and thirty eight minutes and 138 kilometers.

DSCN3132 DSCN3131


Jacob F.

At the start of the week we did a map of Australia. We had to put in as much detail as possible including capital cities, lakes, rivers, deserts and oceans. At the end of the task we got to see a map of Australia and add in detail that we missed before.

There are two types of maps you will find in an Atlas, a geographic map and a political map. A geographical map shows mountains, elevation, rivers, lakes, and landforms. It is very detailed. A political map shows lots of places, names of cities, towns, countries and states, Borders and it is colour coded. They both have scales, lines of longitude and latitude and grid references.

We used google maps to calculate the distance and the time it would take to get from Melbourne to Ballarat. We had to find three routes and see which one was the shortest route. We then had to give directions from our school to Ballarat. Go south down Blackburn rd, head onto M1 etc.

In a Cartesian plane there are four quadrants. You always say the x axis first, Horizontal. There are negative co-ordinates like, (-4,5).

Overall I learnt more things to do with mapping and I really enjoyed doing mapping becuase for it’s like visting other places I never been before.

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We did maps which is one of my favorites, here are some things we did:

  • Reading an atlas

Reading an Atlas was what we did on Monday. We partnered up and chose a country in Europe. Ashling and I chose Ukraine. We searched it in the atlas. The neighboring countries are Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. The capital city is Kiev which is North of Ukraine. I enjoyed this activity because we didn’t only do maths and maps we did a bit of world and places mixed into our lesson.

  • Desert Maps.

On Tuesday we watched a video about Aboriginal paintings. Did you know some of their paintings are actually maps. I learnt that prints in the sand are like words on a page to the aboriginals. Their art is a style of map from a birds eye view, they show tracks, rocks, creeks and plant life. Their meandering lines show the tell tale tracks of life and journey of their ancestors and sometimes even themselves. Then we looked at the differences and similarities between a political and geographical map.

  •  Mapping.

Wednesday was the day we hopped on google maps and had to find 3 routes to get from Blackburn South to Ballarat. I think we did this to improve our map drawing skills and because we are going on an excursion next week to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. we had to include directions and places to stop for a break.

  • Treasure Island

We did Treasure Island on Thursday. We had to draw a 12 by 12 grid and add the numbers. Mrs Gridley gave us things to add and where to add them. E.g: Visit your ancestors at the cemetery 2,4. After we made our maps we had to write directions and a 12 by 12 map of our own. I did some strange things that’s for sure. This activity was fun and slightly challenging. I REALLY enjoyed it.

  • Maze

Today we went outside and had to direct our partner around the school. Our partner had a blind fold and we had to use North, South, East, West type of directions. It was fun as well. When it was my turn I was scared I’d crash into something and sure enough I did because my partners forgot to tell me to stop. Then it started to rain so we came inside and drew our own maps and gave directions. Then we swapped books and tried to complete the maze.

I really enjoyed this weeks maths and I sure enough made it out ALIVE! My friend says I’m well and truly alive.