Around Australia School Concert

Last night was a HUGE night as we all performed in our School Concert. It was based on the story “Are we there yet?” which tells about a family’s adventure travelling around Australia. They visit many exotic locations around Australia as they tow their caravan with their VW combi van. Each class performed two items featuring all Australian music. There was dancing, singing, drama, drums, sticks, bag pipes and lots of jokes.
We all loved the night and had a special surprise when all the teachers came out and sang “I will survive” from the Aussie movie, Priscilla, Queen of the desert.
The finale featured the whole school singing ‘We are Australian.’ It was a wonderful night showcasing the extraordinary talent of all of our students.

Final Dress rehearsal

“That’s Entertainment” Our School Production

On Monday night after many months of rehearsals , it was finally Time for our Whole school Production. The theme was “That’s Entertainment” featuring Movies and Musicals from throughout the Ages.
Our Class performed songs from the Lion King. We sang “The circle of Life” “Hakuna Matata” and “I just cant wait to be King.”

Other highlights of the night were the seniors performing “Grease” and “MamaMia”, the Preps dressing as Toys from “Toy Story”, the Middles singing and dancing in songs from “Shrek” and “Wizard of Oz” and the Juniors in “Mary Poppins” and “Charlie and chocolate factory.”
It was a fantastic night. We were all very nervous and excited at the same time but we sang and danced and remembered all the words and actions. Our parents were very proud of how well we performed!